#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Toddlers in Tiaras

Last Weeks: Pretty Woman Costume -

What you'll need: Ruffle socks, a ridiculously sparkly cupcake dress, a petticoat, white flat ballet flats, self tanner, eyelashes, shimmer makeup, a pageant sash, a glitter bag, and a huge crown.


Now for details! 

Adult Ruffle Socks // Kids Ruffle Socks // White Ballet Flats 

 I doubled up on the ruffle socks. You really need to overdue it. The ruffle has to be big enough to look like you might be 3 years old. As for shoes, I suggest going with white flats. Black or sparkles are acceptable, but white flat really complete the look. I beg you not to add heels to this. Last week we did the sexiest Pretty Woman Costume, but that is the costume. Relax, you are beautiful. You can go a night with out heels,  you can thank me later.

Pink Dress Ideas: One // Two // Three 

Petticoat Skirt (To me this is a must!) // Sparkly Clutch Purse

These particular dress options are not necessarily the cheapest. I suggest going to your local mall and finding a legit party dress store. Yelp around your city and see where they sell the most sparkly dresses around. Go there! Check the sale racks, and even look on eBay for a homecoming dress from the past. The fun is in the finding!


 The only thing that is going to make this hilarious and fun, is if you commit. The tan has to be ridiculous, the skirt has to be puffy, the socks have to have some serious ruffle game, and the crown needs to be on point. My crown was probably over a foot tall and cost about $100. I still have it, and plan on using it for other costumes down the line. The crown was quite possibly the best part. Find a cheaper dress. Get some Payless ballet flats. But please, I beg you, bring the crown game!!! I linked to one site but there are millions online. I means a ridiculous amount of people selling huge crowns. 

Sash with Sass!

You will need a sash. I recommend heading over to Etsy and ordering a custom one there. Mine said Little Miss  Grande Supreme. It's the real deal. And I love it. I suggest going with a red or blue lined sash to really pop against your pastel dress. 


Now. You are going to want to wear something that washes off. That Halloween, after a wonderful night of dancing and cocktails, we got ridiculously great breakfast sandwiches in the hotel lobby, and proceeded upstairs to go eat. I sat down on the white bed, and immediately turned the whole thing brown. J sent me to the shower, where it looked like I had murdered something. Remember to put the bronzing lotion on THICK, and to wait a while before putting on your dress and socks. You want to let it set. You could even set your whole body with some translucent powder if you are really ambitious. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

As for Make Up: Go big. Big lashes. Extra shimmer. Maybe purple-ish eyeshadows? Think of how you would do make up on a 3 year old in a pageant, and do that. But stay true to reality. As much as you are 'over' doing it. The more serious you take it, the more realistic (in a sad, sad way) the better. Curl that hair up big Texas style and go for it. 

Who want's a #TBTHalloweenHowTo post on how I dressed J as my pageant coach for this?