FromCtoC loves The Little Market

Lauren Conrad (aka the new Mrs. Tell) can do absolutely no wrong. If you are trying to write the book on flawless transitioning from Reality TV Star to CEO Mogul you want to sit down with her and pick her well-guided brain. After launching her own website, and The Beauty Department, Conrad has added on a venture far more exciting... The Little Market. 

The Little Market is a free trade website that incorporates all of her gorgeous finds from traveling the world on to one shop-able site. Here is the mecca for one of a kind classic gifts for the modern shabby chic lady. I can't get over how gorgeous everything is, but these 7 items are high on my wish list. The trunk is the things dreams are made of. At my dream Sunday brunch, this would be the decor and accessories of choice. I want it all and that's not an exaggeration. I mean, that pitcher. Sigh. 

Head over to The Little Market Blog for more backstory on these incredible products. 

And find the links to each of my favorites below. 

What's you favorite Little Market find?


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