Traveling Pregnant // What I Wore

Traveling on an airplane has become a regular occurrence in my life. Usually it's just back and forth from Nassau to Miami, but it depends on the month. This week I'm in Miami for doctors appointments and the Taylor Swift concert (it was unreal!). 

While it's still warm in Miami, I really dress for the airport. The cold air-conditioning and the very public seats. I like to be covered. This game has become all the more fun pregnant. I have to be honest... I love dressing the bump. When else do you have a huge stomach showing and everyone says it's adorable. Never. I'm soaking it up. 

This sweater was a buy for the Rodan+Fields convention last month and it's become a classic in my wardrobe. Throwing it on makes me feel automatically "done". It's cozy and lose, but form fitting enough to not feel like I'm in a bag. Kudos to you Motherhood Maternity!

The jeans are my one and only pair of maternity jeans. I got them from Pea in the Pod and they are my regular loves from AG. I appreciate having them, but I have to be honest, they slip off my body all day long and it's annoying. And your top has to be lose and long or you look like a hot mess with that "secret" belly band. There's nothing secret about that band. I tend to fold it down and roll with it that way. Regardless, normal jeans would NOT cut it at this point so the splurge has paid off. But I do want a pair of the maternity jeans that just have the little elastic waist band slits instead. I feel like those are much more reasonable. 

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