My Wedding: Social Media Preview & Advice!

Soon I will have my professional photos to show you, but I couldn't wait and I wanted to give you a social media sneak peek into my wedding... This is a wordy post and the photos are from Instagram, but trust me on this one. 

Wedding planning is insane.

Having just finished Swim Week, letting go and allowing my vendors to take over gave me multiple middle of the night panic attacks. Multiple. Endorphins and emotions are on high and you have to trust that everything will be exactly how it has been in your head forever. You are busy taking pictures and getting your make-up done, you can't worry about how the napkins will be folded. You just can't. And that was extremely difficult for me. Luckily I hired the dream team. I was adamant about who I hired. During wedding planning, you will want to cut financial corners here and there, but here is my best advice... You are casting a team, an energy, and a vibe. When you hire your vendors, you are hiring them from their past work, but also for the feeling they give you. You are finding friends. People you trust. These are the people you are handing your wedding to. Your hair and makeup person will be in your face while you take deep breaths. Your wedding planner will be your hands and mind through out the entire process, but that day she (or he) will be your life line. Your florist will be in charge of your bouquet, your tables, your decor. Your photographer will be taking photos of you, making you feel comfortable, while you are literally 7 minutes from walking down the aisle. There are no reshoots. You will feel so many emotions at one time. People will be everywhere. But the vendors you hire set the entire tone.

I am SO grateful that I trusted my gut and hired exactly who I wanted.

Miranda at Miranda Hattie Events was my angel. For example: I called her 30 minutes before I needed to be at the church, I was walking out of the hotel suite to go down to the car when I panicked and realized I had never booked the car for the end of the night. The car that picks me and my husband up from the venue.  I had not booked it. Like nothing, she said "ok no problem" and had a beautiful car waiting to pick us up at the end of the night. Miranda was there for me every day for over a year, helping me with every random question and request. I couldn't have asked for a better planner or friend. She made all of my wedding dreams come true. I will need to find more reasons to work with her. 

Veronica at Anthology is a floral genius. There's no other way to put it. I sat down and gave her a budget, and a low one, and then said "No green. No leaves."  I sat down and asked her to make my pure white dreams come true with zero fillers, on a budget, and she made it happen. And when I say no fillers, I love babies breath so that doesn't count. She made babies breath garland for me! With taper candles! What?! It was breath taking. 

Katie (and Cito) at Katie Lopez Photography, put me at complete ease. Katie's photography is magical. I can't wait to see the moments see captured. She made every photo effortless, and watching her work with her husband is inspiring. You will look at wedding photography pricing and your head will spin, but a great wedding photographer is worth every penny. Remember! There are no reshoots for your wedding. You either love the photos or you don't. Katie was my dream photographer and I can not wait to work with her on other projects and life moments. 

Placing these three into a venue as gorgeous as Villa Woodbine, and letting them go, created a dream come true. Everything from the toile napkins to the babies breath garland to the getting ready photo posted on Katie's Instagram felt like a wedding magazine spread. I am a truly blessed girl. My videographers, and DJ were insane as well.  Not a beat was missed. Not a stitch went wrong. I could not have had a better weekend. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Social Media photos from @MirandaEstes @PabelonaStudio & @AnthologyCo