Week 27-28 Check In

Something happens in month 6 where all the sudden you get REALLY pregnant. Like, whoa. I went from poking my belly all the time to get her to move around to begging her to stop sleeping on my bladder. My shirts are way too short and my clothes will fit one day and then the next day look like a joke. Last week, I went to put my bra on and nope... too small. (I've mentioned that this non-stop growing boob situation is the thing I hate the most about pregnancy. Why does anyone pay for boobs? They're awful.) My mom had to run to the mall for me and grab a new one asap. It was an emergency. While there, she decided to be awesome and grab this dress for me. Thank God she did because when we met in Hollywood, FL and went to breakfast the next day NOTHING in my suitcase fit. Let me be clear that I tried on everything before packing just days before. Mama saved my butt. Thank God for moms.

I'll quickly say that this dress is awesome for a few reasons... 1. It's comfortable. 2. There's room to grow. 3. The back strap is wide enough to hie a strapless bra. Someone was thinking when they designed this.

Oddly I haven't gone up  a ton in lbs, but I wouldn't even consider measuring my waistline right now. Hopefully my dress for the Marine Ball fits this weekend, and my dress for the Baby Shower next weekend (!!!). I went with stretchy fabrics, but at this point theres no guarantees. 

On Saturday our nursery furniture came in and we finally got to start putting the nursery together. It made my heart just melt all over the floor. It's strange and so exciting to have a baby room in the house now. I just spend time sitting in there. It's so soothing and peaceful and I love the future moments that come to mind. I can't wait for them. I'll be posting pictures once it's done. 

Jeff and I have been playing around with "Maternity Photos". I like the idea of him taking them where we live. The trick will be figuring out how to get him into some of them. All in all it's been fun. I can't believe how quickly it is all going by and I honestly think I'll miss a lot of it. But I am so excited to meet her. About 12 weeks to go!!

Goodbye Second Trimester... I'll miss you.

American Eagle Dress