Weekly What I'm Into:

I'd like to start a new tradition over here on FromCtoC...

Weekly What I'm Into!

I'll be sharing my favorite links to my favorite things of the week. Anything from Funny cats, to shopping, to music...

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This Weeks Favorites!

1. Madewell's Springlook book perfection. I love everything in every photo shown. Like everything. From styling to design, they got it right! 

2. 30 things only cat owners understand... I literally laughed myself to tears. The link is funking sometimes, but it's worth trying it a few times if you're a cat owner.

3. Marie Forleo and MarieTV. I love Marie. I usually start my day by watching a few of her videos to get me on the motivated foot

4. Courtney Kerr for BaubleBar. I love everything on her guest bartender, I could go cray cray shopping on this.

5. Houzz. I am still in decorating mode for our new home. Now that we are almost all settled, it's time for Spring Cleaning and  finishing touches. I love Houzz for inspiration.