Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Unroll Me! Who knew I was enrolled in over 700 mass email subscriptions?! No wonder I would lose emails!  Unroll Me is an amazing site. You log in, it finds every subscription you are a part of and then you can choose to leave or stay in those subscriptions. AND they have the option to "Roll Up" emails into one email that you will get at the end of the day! You can put all those deal emails into one email and stop junking up your inbox! I love it. 

2. Rodan + Fields. I'm a consultant! Their AMP MD System firm roller is all of the rage and their Sunless Foaming Tanner is EVERYTHING for Spring and Summer! Girl, get your glow on!

3. This DIY Vase post! I love the gold stripes and they pairing with the pink peonies! Thats a peony right?!

4. Once again, Alex Preston. His original song performance of "Fairytales", on American Idol this week melted my little heart. I can't wait to watch him win this season!

5. Rita Ora. I Will Never Let You Down. I never really had heard a Rita Ora song, because apparently I live under a rock. But I love this song so much!

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