Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Kelly's Fashion Finder! How many times do you watch Kelly & Michael LIVE! and find yourself saying "Damn Kelly looks amazing!" Basically daily. Well, on their website they actually tell you what she's wearing! Most of it is out of price point for me, but it's still fun to look at and watch for the affordable moments. And they have guests break down their outfits as well!  Oh and there's a Pinterest for it as well!

2. E! News has a great shopping segment that a friend introduced me to, Love It? Buy It! They do some amazing sales, but you have to be quick!

3. Surviving Jack. Now if you haven't heard of the book I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern, you are missing out. Please read it. Buy it. Love it. It is absolutely hilarious and this new comedy is based on it. 

4. Jardins Du Midi! Chloe & Isabel's new fragrance is amazing. I love a nice perfume, and I'm super picky. But when my mom finally brought me my bottle from the states yesterday, I knew I was hooked. Maegan just won a bottle in FromCtoC's first ever giveaway and I can't wait to hear how she loves it!

5. Phillip Phillips is my boyfriend. I mean, I have a fiancé, but Phillip Phillips is my man crush. He is just about to drop his second album and go on tour with OAR. AND his new single Raging Fire is just that... Fire. I absolutely love it. Watch the brand new video HERE.  Download it HERE!