Weekly What I'm Into

1. I know this is a place and not a thing but... Atlanta. Atlanta, I love you. Seriously. One day I will live in Atlanta, and I can not wait. It's a wonderful fairytale in my head full of homes with big yards and glistening cityscapes. The city has gone through some major changes in the last 10 years, but it feels like they (whoever they is) were really paying attention. There is an amazing foodie culture, as well as fashion, arts, and entertainment. Plus, hidden gardens everywhere. After spending this past week there I have a major crush. J might be concerned. 

2. Giift.com... This site is SWEET!  It's one of those thing you wish you've always know about. So, you're welcome. Think of a place where you can keep track of all of your gift cards, as well as trade them in for other gift cards. This money-fashion-technology-organization type thing is right up my alley. I have been entering my cards in and it feels pretty amazing. You need to check this out! 

3. Chloe + Isabel's new collection has a set of amazing bangles that you will be seeing on the blog a lot from now on. I just think they are amazing. Check them out for yourself. I'm just wandering you, they are fantastic. 

4. This Cosmopolitan post of 21 Beauty Product Storage Hacks is brilliant, and I know at least one lady (Miss Girl Get Glamorous) who is going to freak over it. I might just be investing in a few of this tricks so I can reorganize my bathroom when I get home. 

5. And #5 is because I love my mom a ton, and these BuzzFeed Parent's-Who-Shouldn't-Text-type post are just my absolute favorite thing in life. Nothing makes me laugh and giggle like imagining having these exact text conversation with my mom. She's the most wonderful person on earth. I know this because she has to deal with me and my sister every day, and let's us make fun of her texts messages, and yet she still would do literally anything in the world of either of us. It also makes me overly excited for when J and I have kids and we can write these super annoying messages in their Google Glasses or WTH they have in a million years.


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