Weekly What I'm Into!

1. Lily Allen's new album, Sheezus, is on pre-order and it's everything. The title track is hilarious, wonderful, easy listening. I love her tongue-in-cheek humor. There's no one like her and she's at it again. Do yourself a favorite and take a listen. (Here's a youtube of the title track)

2. Zumba. I have been heading to Zumba twice a week and I love it. It fulfills my dancer needs, and I think it's an amazing workout. You have to go at it full force or it is just prancing around. But if you aren't afraid to get those arms up and pop that booty then get at it! The hour goes by so quickly, I just can't get enough. So pull out your inner JLo/Miley Cyrus and get turnt up.

3. Enhancements Lip Micro-Dermabrasion is fantastic. My sister just turned me on to this amazing product and we can't even explain our love for a little lip stick. Everyone wants soft, kissable lips and this is honestly the best way to go about it.  You can even add on the lip serum afterwards for extra sexiness.

4. J.Lo helps Jimmy Kimmel through the lyrics of I Luh Ya Papi. And it's awesome.  Plus, I love that everyone automatically taps their weave when they sing the chorus of this song. { I Luh Ya Papi ::tap tap:: I Luh Ya Luh Ya Luh Papi ::tap tap tap tap:: }

5. Emma Stone Lip Sync battled Jimmy Fallon and shut it DOWN. The video will make your day, especially her last song. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again.