Weekly What I'm Into!

1. 13 Cooking Hacks. These are such simple and amazing ideas. I want to do them all. Especially the salt shaker idea. Why had I not thought of that earlier?!

2. Katy Perry's tour started this week and it looks A-MAZ-ING. These 9 outfit changes are incredible, and I'm so jealous that I don't get to play dress up like that every night. I might start parading around the house in major neon sequins from now on.  

3. One Eyed Cats of Instagram. We just took in a stray kitten, with a wonky left eye, so when this gem popped up on Buzzfeed I felt overly attached to the content. How cute are they?!

4. We all know I am Alex Preston OBSESSED. I really think he is going to take the crown. I don't care what the judges say. He is the real deal. When he performed Yellow  on wednesday, I about changed my first dance song. Be still my heart.

5. Last but 100000% not least. Diane Keaton was on Dr. Oz this week and I just happened to have the TV on in the house. Thank Goodness I did because I think this quote of her defining what beauty is to her, is life changing. I will be buying her book when I am in the states next week. I typed the quote out for you, but skip to 5 minutes into this video and watch her say it yourself.  In fact, the entire interview is the most beautiful and honest interview I have seen in a long time. You won't regret it. It gives me chills every time."I think beauty is honestly, it’s a feeling to me. I hate the fact that people put beauty on a pedestal and try to remove it from the ordinary experience of life. But that’s all it is, it’s moment to moment. It’s like me looking at your eyes. It’s like be open to change, and when I say being open to change I really mean that. Because like if you say ‘I only like yellow flowers and that’s it.’ You’re kind of finished with beauty. It’s so much, it’s more all encompassing. It’s not a face in the mirror all the time. Don't you think? I mean what do you think beauty is?”- Diane Keaton

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