What's In My Carry On?

I travel all the time these days. While I may not be in a different exotic city every weekend, I'm in either Nassau, Miami, or New York monthly. (Not bad, I know.) It's getting a little crazy. On the other hand, I'm getting my packing game down to a science. The most important is your carry on. I am the person that brings two carry on's every time. One with my expensive shoes and jewelry, a change of clothes and underwear, and then this one... 'my purse'. This is what goes under the seat in front of me on every single plane ride. Now you know...


ONE // My sleep mask. This mask is my absolute favorite. I have pretty long lashes, and I hate when a sleep mask rubs against them. It's terrible for your lashes, and it's annoying. How are you supposed to sleep like that? I can sleep on planes, but lights and movement make it more difficult. This Bucky sleep mask has concave-d eye pouches, so there is no rubbing. You can grab them online at drugstore.com or pick on up at you local Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

TWO // A travel toothbrush, with tooth paste, is a must. Sometimes I'll even grab a regular toothbrush, wrap a clean wash cloth around the head, and tie it on with a hair tie or two. This solves several problems at once. It keeps my tooth brush clean, provides me with a hair tie incase of emergency, and I have a wash cloth on hand so that I don't have to wipe my face of with paper towels. I try to brush my teeth immediately after a flight, so I feel like a fresh human being after hours in a tube of recycled air. Ew. 

THREE // My beloved computer. Being on a plane gives me uninterrupted time to get work done for the blog. Whether there's internet or not, I can get organized, start on must have collages, edit photos, etc. I rarely pull my computer out on the 29 minute flight from Nassau to Miami, but I still like having it with me. Are there people who check their laptops? That would give me anxiety. 

FOUR // Notebooks & a Pen. I have so many notebooks. These are Kate Spade and just too cute. When I was younger I would journal constantly. I still have every journal, and I love randomly look through them when we are moving or reorganizing the house. Now I'm the type of adult that needs to write everything down. I write lists upon lists. I have password notebooks, doodle notebooks, ideas notebooks. Even though I have my phone for notes, and my laptop, nothing replaces the feeling, and memorization tricks, of pen on paper. 

FIVE // Redefine Eye Clothes. I always suggest carrying makeup remover wipes with you on a plane. I try not to wear any make-up when I travel, but If I have been running around all day, sometimes you can't avoid it. These eye clothes are great for women, and men, regardless if you are/were wearing make up or not the peptides in the clothes reduce wrinkles and puffiness. All the things that you get sitting in recycled air with your face drying out and squished against the world smallest pillow. They come in a great box, but for my carry on I put a handful in a ziplock bag. 

SIX // An oversized scarf that can double as a blanket. Even if it's 95 degrees in both cities, I packed a huge cozy, scarf in my carry on. Planes can get cold, and it's hard to get comfortable. Having a publicly-approved blanket with me saves my day every time. 

SEVEN // My passport! I literally can not travel without it. 

EIGHT // A great book! I just bought The Fault In Our Stars. I know I'm super behind, but I want to read it before eventually watching the movie. I haven't started because I feel like I might cry through the whole book and that overwhelms me a little. I have a thing where every time I'm in an airport I want to buy a book. I have tried to slow that habit down, because it is definitely not the most financially responsible place to buy a book, but it's difficult. Even with all of the technology, if I know I need to catch some ZzZz's I'll pull out a great book. Siting that still and reading in silence, puts me to sleep immediately. 

NINE // Can't leave home without your wallet! Mine is Ted Baker and I love it. It can hold a ridiculous amount of business cards, credit cards, and cash, and it's beautiful. I get complemented on it regularly. 

TEN // My iPhone is my life line. Which is hilarious considering when I'm in Nassau, it doesn't work the second I step outside the door. It can't be unlocked until November 20th. I'm counting the days. Next time I'm in The States at the end of October, I'll hopefully be upgrading to the 6, but until then I keep my precious 5 handy and always with earphones. I have several pairs of the iPhone earphones because they are simply perfect. Plus, I need them when I land. After 7 years of hands-free driving laws in California, I can't hold my phone and talk while I drive. 

ELEVEN // My niece introduced me to the Back-up Charger phenomenon a few months ago at Disney and now I carry one with me everywhere. My phone is low on memory and I use it all day so it is necessary to have a back up at all times. In fact, J bought me this one. It saved my life during NYFW. 

TWELVE // Last but definitely not least: My Make-Up Bag! I carry my top favorite beauty products and add some natural, but forgiving makeup to my face right after I brush my teeth. I even throw a mini perfume in to my make-up bag to help the cause. I feel like it is only polite to pull yourself together at least a little before saying Hi to who ever is picking you up from the airport. Whether that person is a cab driver or your mom.