Whats in my Travel Bag?

Last year I did this awesome, Whats In My Carry On post and you all loved it. So I thought I would do an updated version. My flights now are a little shorter, but my time in the airport is much longer since my flight is also international.

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This Baggallini backpack is awesome. It has SO MANY POCKETS! And right now they are having a 25% off site-wide sale! All you have to do is enter the promo code BAGGSALE at checkout. I can fit a ton into this sucker and when laid on it's back, it slides perfectly under the seat. They have extremely well made bags, and with the holidays approaching, they are wonderful gift ideas for those friends and family you have that have to travel regularly.

Baggallini Travel

1. My computer: I can not leave home with out my computer. My next laptop will be as light as possible, because lugging this sucker around is getting old. I can only imagine when the baby comes. I need to cut every ounce I can to prepare for the amount of stuff she will need on these flights. Luckily this Baggallini backpack evens out the weight. I was using a shoulder strap weekender, but pregnant it became too difficult. The backpack distributes the weight evenly and makes it where my back isn't screaming at me. I shove my charger in there too.

2. Entertainment: From coloring books, to notepads, to a good read I like to keep my carry on packed with things to keep me busy. Flights to Nassau, Bahamas are notoriously delayed so spending 3.5 hours at the airport has become a regular occurrence for me. In an effort not to get insanely bored I carry a variety of quiet entertainment. Right now I'm reading Big Magic, and it's wonderful. I wasn't an Eat Pray Love girl, but an inspirational book to get my butt in gear? Sign me up! Coloring has also become a soothing past time for me. It's mindless, but creative and it takes up more time then you think. I grabbed this coloring book at Michael's, but I have seen a variety of coloring books for adults everywhere. Barnes& Nobles has an incredible selection as well. I make sure to bring some magazines back too. They are incredible expensive island side, and once I'm done I pass them around to friends. I have even had other Bahamians on the flight ask me for my stack of magazines when I'm done. It's like gold.

3. Back-up Battery Phone Charger: If I am planning on being away from home for any chunk of hours, you can bet I have a phone charger and/or back up battery in my purse. Between Rodan+Fields and the blog, my phone is my lifeline. I never let it die. Especially in an airport sitting around for hours.  I love this one from ZOOM because it has an attachment for 3 different cords. You can charge your phone, your iPad, your friends phone. It covers all the bases in an oh shit moment. And that same cord charges the back up battery when plugged into an outlet. Makes life easy. It's also a great gadget gift to give this holiday season. Everyone loves a back-up charger.

4. Snacks: I like to shove a snack or two into the pockets of my bag. Otherwise I end up buying them in the airport and wasting money. A chocolate granola bar works perfectly because it's filling, but also sweet so I'm not tempted by the bags of candy at every gate. Ok, I'm still tempted, but I have a good case against actually purchasing them.

5. Chapstick: Pregnancy has made my lips incredibly dry. This Vaseline moisturizer is the only thing that works lately. I apply it 50 times a day. Being in recirculated air grosses me out to begin with, but it kills my lips. I lather this baby on during my flight. 

6. My iPhone: Last but never least. My iPhone is always with me. And this bag has so many pockets perfect to choose from to carry that little piece of magic.

Not Pictured

1. My Zipper Bag of Documents: Passports, SIM cards, a paper clip (to switch my SIM card out), Vaccination card, a letter from the embassy about how my last names haven't been finished switching over... I carry a good amount of paperwork with me. But I'd rather be ready for anything. There's also a pen in there for custom forms.

2. Earphones: I broke mine on this trip so they aren't pictured, but I never leave home without my iPhone earplugs.

3. Cash: I try to carry a few ones in my wallet because I can no longer lift my 48-52 pounds suitcase. Doesn't matter the duration of the trip, that's how much my bag weighs. And I can not risk lifting it into my SUV right now. I try to find an airport employee to help me to my car when I land. I don't like carrying a lot of cash on me given the time in high school when homeless people knew I was an easy target and used to follow me around with sob stories, but 3-6 bucks will cover me just in case.