Whole Foods Fun


Who knew that a run to the grocery store could turn into a night of appetizers and wine?!?

Jeff and I headed out a quick Whole Foods run saturday night, grabbing ready made salads for dinner, but we ended up staying there for 2 hours!! They had a wine tasting going on from 5-7pm! $10 for 4 glasses of wine each (bottle’s priced from $20-$60) and a ton of tasty treats! We left a little tipsy and pretty impressed. The calendar for this month is useless, but I will be stopping by Wednesday for the August event calendar (and posting it here!). They have things going on almost nightly. Jeff seems to be convinced that we have the largest Wholes Foods in the country, given that there’s a bar/cafe in the middle of it, but I’ve heard there are several others scattered around the country. Stop by your local Whole Foods, or give them a ring, and find out if they have nightly activities!