Why this quote is a toxic way of thinking...

I know this is a fashion website, but give me just a moment. :)

Confession. I have posted and said this quote aloud several times in my life. At certain times, I even whole heartedly believed in it. But looking back now, after multiple conversations with my fiancé, friends, and family. Mixed with multiple life experiences, fights, tears, and triumphs. I see now why this quote is terrible for our society. 

Today, I stumbled across an article by Matt Walsh in the Huffington Post. And I couldn't help but feel like he took all of those conversations and experiences, and put them on the table for me in neat little piles. All those things I've been trying to learn and articulate, he served me on a platter. I needed to share it immediately. 

When I act like a completely nasty fool J doesn't accept it or lay down like a doormat, he makes it clear, in the nicest ways possible, that I'm not a toddler and I can't lash out. I especially can't blame my blood sugar levels from forgetting to eat all day. I'm an adult and apparently that means I need to feed myself on a regular basis. And that's one of the reasons I absolutely love him more and more every single day. I met my fiancé at a pivotal point in my life. I was 22 and pretty much a mess. I thought it was super cute. Seriously. 22 in LA, it felt almost sexy to be a party girl, with clothes that don't match, sleeping in until 2pm. Almost luxurious. But J, a 27 yr old with a serious career and financial plan, never thought me sleeping in on Monday, or staying up until 5am on Tuesday, was adorable. I had plenty of guys around that didn't care what I did with my time or life, but J did. I was confused, and immediately attached. He changed me. And I like to think I've changed him. Not in the way that people say "ew, you changed for a man/woman.", but in the way that he thinks it's adorable and sexy when I'm motivated, responsible, and respectful to myself and others. We are committed to challenging each other, and making each other better versions of ourselves. Society has become obsessed with the idea of "Take me or leave me." But that doesn't seem to help anyone grow or get along. Instead, we should continue to challenge each other (and ourselves) to be the best possible versions of ourselves, so that we never have to be out of control train wrecks. 

Take a minute to head over the the Huffington Post, and read THIS article.

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I'll get back to fashion now...