Worlds Best Self Tanner

I am terrified of self tanners. Tanning salons, foams, lotions.. horrible flash backs. Plus, I wear sunscreen like it's oxygen. So looking like I actually live on an island gets difficult. Sometimes I just crave a little sun kissed glow. Nothing crazy... just a glow. I'd like to look alive.

I bought the Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner months ago. I was desperate for something to work. Even though I will trust Rodan + Fields with my skin forever, and I love consulting for them, I was still nervous about the tanner and I waited months to try it. It just sat in the cabinet staring at me.

Finally, last week I couldn't take it anymore. I did a sample spot on my bum just to be safe and the next day it looked great. Subtle and natural. Nothing orange or streaky about it. I was still nervous, but I felt like I was good to go. Plus, I was about to head to Tampa and knew it would be a minute before I was in a bikini again. Just in case. 

I shaved my legs and used the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste to exfoliate my entire body, focusing on my knees, elbows, and ankles. 1. I wanted to see the results tan vs normal skin 2. I wanted it to look as natural as possible. So, I dried up and put on my bikini, and used my bikini as a guide line. I started with my thighs. 

You only need a little at a time, but it's best to work quickly. Once the tanner dries a bit you can't really tell where you have put foam and where you haven't. I saved rougher spots, like my ankles, knees, and elbows for last. Wiping the excess on my face and then immediately washing my hands. I wandered around for a while without touching the white couch or any nice clothing and waited for the tanner to soak in. I knew the next day I would be doing touch ups because I've never really done this before. I did go out that night but opted for lose dark clothing. 

It should be noted that I had my husband help me with my back. It was necessary to have a partner in crime, but he was kind of a mess with it apparently. Not that shocking. We all have strengths... tanner application is not his. The next day we went out in the sunlight and patched up the places he missed. There were no issues with layering the tanner which really impressed me. It all faded in to itself and it just looked more natural as we went along. Any spots that were a bit dark, I put nail polish remover on a cotton ball and wiped the spot away. It worked like magic. 

Overall I love the tanner and I'll be using it again. I can even see using it regularly, and the bottle seems like it will last that long. I love the glow it gives my arms and chest. Even if I don't end up constantly doing my whole body (because I'm lazy) I will definitely be putting a bit of foam on my shoulders and chest.  

I would say that it looked even more natural in person. And faded naturally over the week. No blotchy spots. I still feel like I have a bit on me and it just looks sun kissed and perfect. I didn't have any negative reactions on my sensitive skin. I feel like it was even soothing. My skin feels healthy. Finding a tanner that works makes you want to scream from the mountain tops. I know that I have several friends that are on the hunt and I figured this was the fastest way to share with everyone. Rodan + Fields has done it again, and I am once again grateful. 

We did our best to shoot some photos in our guest bathroom, of the before and after, but it proves to be very difficult with a tub. It's going to take some practice. 

If you have ANY questions let me know. ( or the comment section below). I don't normally do beauty reviews so I am sure I missed a ton of points of interest.. Oh it's $21 as a Rodan + Fields Preferred Customer. I can help you sign up!

For more photos these posts were shot the day after I used the tanner...

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