Yoga on the Beach

I decided to do a little yoga on the beach this morning. I've taught yoga in parks in Los Angeles, but I haven't done much yoga on the beach. It's an amazing, amazing feeling. Finding stillness outdoors, with the sun glowing down from the sky just feels like a real breath of fresh air. It's the peace that I believe yoga is always supposed to convey. And to me, a crowed studio can sometimes ruin it for me.

 Everyday I practice a little different, Whether I am focused on core, arms, mental strength, or just in need of an inversion to find some clarity on on a subject. I change my practice to do what feels right. When I teach a class, I always write out a sequence to make sure I am hitting key component poses for our peak pose, but when I practice alone I concentrate on what feels right in the moment and follow it. Usually my personal practice gets tweaked and turns into my class sequence. 

Here's a few quick pics from my personal yoga practice today.

LuLuLemon Sports Bra (similar) // Hard Tail Shorts // Manduka Mat