You Pick the Prize!

I am one of the most indecisive people I have ever met. When it comes to the nail salon, I straight panic on the idea of picking my nail color for the next week or two, and end up going with a neutral pinky beige every time. 

Last week I was introduced to this App, Cinch Polls. I'm slightly obsessed with it. I'll be working with them and GirlGetGlamorous to have a little Cinch party all day today! You'll be helping me pack from my girls trip in Atlanta this weekend by just signing on to the App and voting!

And to celebrate Cinch Polls wanted to sponsor a giveaway!

We have been doing a lot of giveaways here, but I can't turn them down. I'm not sorry. Knowing I can pass the fun on to my readers is just too good to skip.

And because Cinch is so awesome, and because I am so indecisive I couldn't pick out a prize, we are getting a little interactive here! 

How to enter!

Fill out the Gleam widget below and make sure to download the App! Once you are logged in head to my account and vote for the prize you want to win! The winner will be decided by Gleam's robots and will receive the item they voted for!! How cool is that?!

Make sure to put the links to polls you are posting in the comments for bonus points! I want to see what you are interested in!

How to post your link in the comments!

  1. Head to the app.
  2. Click on your Cinch Poll
  3. Click on the Share Arrow on the top right
  4. Choose Email, Twitter & More.
  5. Choose Copy.
  6. Paste it in the Comments!