The Perfect Vacation Memento

The Perfect Vacation Memento

Living in Nassau is not a permanent thing for me and my husband. We are briefly spending 3-4 years here for work and sometimes we just wish you could take the beach with you when we finally leave. You just want something to remember is all by...

A few months ago I found out about an incredible company, Dune Jewelry, and was beyond excited. In fact, keeping it to myself this long has felt like hiding a pregnancy. I wanted to wait until every one could see this post and how incredible this idea is.

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Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Gift Wrapping Inspiration

It's that time of the year when you get your serious wrap game on. When I was younger, I was Santa's workshop. My family would drop the presents off in my room and I would spend hours in my room wrapping everyones gifts. It was fun for me. I always felt like I had the inside scoop. I knew what people were going to get before they got it, and waited for fun reactions. It was fulfilling, and in a weird way one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

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#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Pretty Woman Costume

#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Pretty Woman Costume

When I first started FromCtoC, I posted my Halloweens Past for inspiration. But with Halloween around the corner, I'm going to tell you how to actually get those looks. This is a big deal. I am SERIOUS about Halloween and rarely even share my ideas before game day, but I love you, and you've been kind to me.

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American Flag Wall Art

I am so nervous with this post. And I will tell you why... Because this project involved doing something I was told never ever to do, cutting the American flag. I hope that everyone can see that we did this piece of art to honor America, and to make us feel more at home while overseas. 

A few months ago, my fiancé and I were transferred to a US embassy. And while we couldn't pick our home or even any of our furniture, we have been trying to make our new place as homey and warm as possible. One night we were sitting on the couch, trying to figure out what to do with this huge wall we have over our buffet. J said, "I wish we could put a huge vintage American flag up there in some cool way."

Well, I have these 3 canvas' from a DIY project I did with my old roommate, and I was looking for a way to repurpose them without ruining them. So it clicked in my head, lets get a vintage flag and wrap the 3 canvas' in them. We measured out the canvas' and then went to eBay to find the perfect flag and ordered an 5x8 foot flag that had lived some life. 

When the flag came, we draped it over the 3 canvas' and panicked. We're going to cut an American flag?! WTF are we thinking. We called up our friends, the husband is a pilot for the government, and asked their thoughts. We all agreed that the project was honoring American and it was ok. 

So, we laid the flag face down and laid the canvas' over it. Measuring out how many inches we would need to have between each cut in order to wrap each canvas and  have enough flag left over. Since the right side of the flag was too damaged to use we started from the right. I laid the canvas down and made sure the stripe were straight, then I started staple gunning from the top. I lined the top seam of the flag up with the back edge of the canvas, this helped me make sure the stripes would be straight. Then I stapled down the right side, then the left side in order to get the tightness I desired, and left the bottom edge for last. If you mess up, its no big deal. Grab a screwdriver and you can pop the staples right out and start over. 

Once the first canvas was done, and we had had a look at it, we cut the rest of the flag off, as closely to the staples as possible, while leaving a teeny bit of room for give. We didn't want to waste ANY of it. Then we laid the rest of the flag, still face down, on the ground and placed the 2 remaining canvas' on top. Again we did the top edge first, then the far right, then the far left. THEN we cut down the middle between the 2 canvas', and worked on them individually. 

Once the canvas' were wrapped, we measured out the wall for the dry wall screws. 

Once hung, I took all of the flag that had to be trimmed off, and put it into a mason jar. I refused to throw away even a centimeter of it in the trash. I actually love the extra touch on the counter. As we settle in the buffet decor will work itself out, but as of now I just have a few photos, candles, and the empty bottle of champagne from when J proposed. 

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Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Unroll Me! Who knew I was enrolled in over 700 mass email subscriptions?! No wonder I would lose emails!  Unroll Me is an amazing site. You log in, it finds every subscription you are a part of and then you can choose to leave or stay in those subscriptions. AND they have the option to "Roll Up" emails into one email that you will get at the end of the day! You can put all those deal emails into one email and stop junking up your inbox! I love it. 

2. Rodan + Fields. I'm a consultant! Their AMP MD System firm roller is all of the rage and their Sunless Foaming Tanner is EVERYTHING for Spring and Summer! Girl, get your glow on!

3. This DIY Vase post! I love the gold stripes and they pairing with the pink peonies! Thats a peony right?!

4. Once again, Alex Preston. His original song performance of "Fairytales", on American Idol this week melted my little heart. I can't wait to watch him win this season!

5. Rita Ora. I Will Never Let You Down. I never really had heard a Rita Ora song, because apparently I live under a rock. But I love this song so much!

**Bonus link: This weeks GIVEAWAY! Don't forget to enter HERE!

Weekly What I'm Into

Another week, a ton more fun things!

1. Beyonce Nail Decals. Obviously I ordered these. They were necessary. 

2. Jake Bugg. You and Me. Jake performed on American Idol a few weeks back and I can;t get this song out of my head. He reminds me of Bob Dylan and I love every second of it.

3. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex Preston on American Idol is everything. His rendition of Don't Speak was EVERYTHING.

4. Champagne Basics. Cupcakes & Cashmere is a HUGE inspiration for me. And I am very into champagne right now. So this is basically amazing for me.

5.Buzzfeed. Which Wine Should You Actually Be Drinking? Look Champagne is great, but I love wine. And this quiz is not only amazing, but handy

Back to Reality ...

I'm heading back to Los Angeles after a very successful girls weekend with my mom and sister. We ate, we shopped, we saw the venue, went over wedding details, did a few house DIY projects, and yes, we bought MY WEDDING DRESS!! AHHH!!! I feel extremely accomplished, and excited for the next time I get to visit. I'm big into DIY house projects and organizing, and my mom finally started to let me get my grubby little hands on a few projects around her house. For me, it was a good time. Unbeknownst to  her, I have already started a mental list of the things I would like to do to the house. Wainscoting, paint, and some furniture projects twirling through my mind. All very exciting. We'll see what she agrees to. 

Here are a few more photos from the weekend, as well as a few home inspiration photos. 


My dress is actually on SALE at BCBGeneration today!!! I live in this thing, and I'm seriously debating grabbing a second one. It works with flip flops, flats, heels... anything! The shoes are Pour La Victoire. They are actually really comfortable! My  purse is Stella & Dot's Waverly three way bag.  It's a staple for me. I can wear it 3 way,s (Folded into a clutch, a small cross body, or a long cross body)  so it's perfect for travel and transferring you from day to night. 

Now for Home Inspiration!!


Here’s our final costumes!

Ron Burgundy?

I found J’s suit in piece at Off The Lot on Pico and Robertson. It’s a brilliant thrift store full of clothes from all of the set closets. The jacket was apparently from Jay Leno. His rings are from H&M, aviators are from Target, and I made the mic. Excuse his super white face. He had a full on beard for the last 4 months!


My dress is from Kami Shade. I bought it 2 years ago, so I don’t think it was quite as expensive as it is now. I had the belt made at my local tailor. The light purple tights are from Forever21, my shoes areSteve Madden, I bought the earrings off etsy, and the amazing eye lash decal is an Eye Flashes by Mily. 10 cans of pink hairspray and glitter died for this costume and I’ll probably contract some horrible side effect from breathing all those chemicals in. It was worth it.

and just for fun here are my Jem* nails…