The Perfect Vacation Memento

The Perfect Vacation Memento

Living in Nassau is not a permanent thing for me and my husband. We are briefly spending 3-4 years here for work and sometimes we just wish you could take the beach with you when we finally leave. You just want something to remember is all by...

A few months ago I found out about an incredible company, Dune Jewelry, and was beyond excited. In fact, keeping it to myself this long has felt like hiding a pregnancy. I wanted to wait until every one could see this post and how incredible this idea is.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun x RahRahDesigns

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun x RahRahDesigns

I have been eyeing this RahRah Designs bikini for a while, and a month ago it went on sale so I snatched one up right away. Monograms are really making a turn for the cool. What used to feel stuffy or childish to be now feels like a badge of honor. My initials didn't change with marriage so my monogram represents all of me. And it reminds me of college, where with stitched our sorority letters anything that didn't walk. 

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Day Date in Downtown Nassau

Day Date in Downtown Nassau

Today I made J have a little lunch date with me. It was actually really fun. Such an amazing way to break up the week. The weather has been perfect, and it's been a while since I've been downtown. It usually overwhelms me, but today was completely refreshing. Not too many cruise ships were in town, and we were able to take our watches in for new batteries. I know, I know.. "Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, I don't know if we'll have enough time..." As for the #OOTD...

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Morning Yoga with

Morning Yoga with

Yoga takes me back to the basics. When I am feeling wound up and out of control, I head to the mat. Since moving, I haven't been practicing as much as I hoped to, but when I get to do a little morning yoga on the beach, it shifts my holiday. Possibly even my whole week. Taking that quiet time to get into my body heals. And having the ocean right here, is such a blessing. My Yoga Teacher Training is priceless in the amount of knowledge I learn about my body and the human spirit. Yoga is for everyone and if you can get to a class, no matter your skill level, go!

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My Favorite Black Midi Skirt

My Favorite Black Midi Skirt

Sundays Best is always my favorite. I guess since I'm not strutting around an office day to day, I find the luxury in really dolling it up when I can. This look was put together so unbelievably quickly, I don't even think I looked in the mirror. When I was looking at the pictures later I said "Oh I actually really like this look." I hadn't really seen it full length.  

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Fall Silks with Shorts

Last night was Mexican Night at The Green Parrot. Guys. This is a really BIG deal. There are no Mexican restaurants in Nassau, Bahamas. (At least no trust worthy ones.) J and I used to have one down the street. The kid loves Mexican food. So we actually went out on a weeknight(!!!), and headed to the Green Parrot. The food was actually good! I had the fish tacos (Mahi Mahi aka Dolphin for anyone from South Florida). They were just enough spice and a great portion. The Green Parrot also serves $4 Margaritas on Wednesdays, It's basically a dixie cup size, but it's the cheapest drink you're going to get on the island. 

I, being me, over dressed for the occasion. Well, almost. Business up top. Part on the Bottom. I ran out of time getting ready so my hair air dried. Trying to make Fall happen in Nassau is like trying to make fetch happen. It doesn't. We headed towards the restaurant and stopped to take in this beautiful sunset, and get OOTD pics obviously. Living in The Bahamas has it's ups and downs, but when you see a sky kiss a shore like that.. It's just everything. 

**PS my Summer tan is officially gone after time in New York. Boo. 

Handbag c/o Gregory Sylvia // Shirt c/o Piperlime // Forever21 Shorts // Frye Boots

Rings: Pandora & John Hardy // Lips: Resilient Raisin by L'OREAL


101 in 1001: Updates!

While I work on my BTS NYFW SS 2015 post!!! I figured I would share a few things I was able to cross off my 101 in 1001 days list! Have you made yours yet? The list is refreshing every time I read it. And every time I cross something off, it makes me want to add something else. It may become the never ending 101 in 1001 list!

Share your list with me in the comments!!!

xoxo Candace

1. Create my own 101 in 1001 list  (1.14.14)

2. Do one thing I love every day

3. Be my own boss.

4. Make this blog everything it can be.

5. Launch my new website. (1.14)

6. Book 4+ commercials

7. Film 3+ acting gigs in TV or FILM

8. Learn CSS + HTML

9. Work with a photographer on outfit posts (cough, Katie Lopez.)

10. Design & print my own business cards

11. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway

12. Visit at least 4+ Islands of the Bahamas

13. Work with a designer on a collaboration

14. Go on our honeymoon.

15. Donate 10% of my income to a charity I believe in

16. Go on an Alaskan cruise with my family.

17. Learn to eat multiple small meals a day.

18. Rock a pretty tulle skirt (Bridal Shower!)

19. Go on 5 double dates

20. Learn calligraphy

21. Invest in a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. (So Kate: Nude)

22. Try 10 new to me restaurants.

23. Donate clothing to the homeless

24. Attend Miami Fashion Week (2014)

25. Attend New York Fashion Week (2014)

26. Visit Ireland

27. Have dinner at Barton G’s (Bachelorette Party! Thanks Girls!!)

28. Read the bible. All of it.

29. Learn to like running

30. Pull our home design together

31. Keep track of my expenses (taxes, receipts etc.)

32. Meet 3 blog friends in person (Pop of Style, The Style Scribe, Mash.Elle, and more!)

33. Create my dream home office

34. Go Disney for the Food & Wine Fest

35. Be featured in a popular magazine

36. Read 15 new books (I'm at 3 // 9.16.14)

37. Run a marathon (Eek, maybe a half?! No. A full.)

38. Go to bed by 10 PM on week days for a week

39. Teach a regular yoga class

40. Give 10 "just because" gifts

41. Shut off TV/computer an hour before bed for a week

42. Reach my goal weight

43. Get my savings account to a comfortable amount.

44. Learn 10 recipes by heart!

45. Invest in Photoshop

46. Invest in a great camera (Nikon D3200, Sony QX10 lens for my phone!)

47. Cook healthy dinners every night for a week

48. Take a graphic design class

49. Enjoy my Bachelorette party (8.14.14)

50. Invest in a designer handbag (Chanel?)

51. Plan blog posts a week in advance for a whole month

52. Watch all five "Best Picture" nominees before the Oscars

53. Create a media kit for my blog

54. Have my parents write down their family history

55. Create a media kit for my acting

56. Handwrite Thank You notes

57. Reach 10K followers on Facebook

58. Reach 10K followers on Instagram

59. Learn more about photography

60. Get Married!! (8.16.14)

61. Have a baby (or be working on it)

62. Be a regular contributor for a popular blog/website

63. Meet up with 3 old friends (Does the wedding count? If not Santa Barbara 2015?)

64. Create a gallery wall for my workspace

65. Learn how to do my hair. Like really do my hair.

66. Complete a computer/social media free weekend

67. Find a meditation routine

68. Do Christmas Cards every year.

69. Practice morning yoga

70. Don't say anything negative for 3 days.

71. See a play

72. See Britney in Las Vegas

73. Take a train to somewhere new

74. Do an On Air Live interview

75. Bake a homemade apple pie

76. Swim with the dolphins

77. Have a picnic

78. Revamp my mom’s house (Nicole Curtis, here I come!)

79. Mentor kids.

80. Enjoy a spa day with my mom and sister

81. Create my American Flag DIY project (Hanging and wonderful!)

82. Help someone else build their blog

83. Get involved with an organization

84. Get rid of clutter in my room

85. Write a book

86. Pay for a stranger’s coffee

87. Meet Bethenny Frankel

88. Make 5 recipes from Pinterest

89. Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month

90. Teach an acting class

91. Stay in a log cabin

92. Surprise Jeff with something special

93. Be featured in a South Florida Magazine

94. Attend a taping of Kelly & Michael Live

95. Take a bath at least once a week for a month

96. Teach a regular dance class ( Does Zumba count?)

97. Attend a Blog Conference

98. Go to Brazil

99. Send 25 handwritten notes just because

100. Wear sparkles just because

101. Inspire someone to write their own list (let me know if you create one!)

90's Flannel & Denim Remix: Travel Day!

Whether Fall is among us or not, the island of New Providence is still hot, hot, hot. Shorts are mandatory. But that doesn't mean I can't keep up with the 90's throwbacks that are being pulled out all over the fashion world. And this throwback is the real deal. This flannel is actually my grandfather's. Use what you have. Mix's highs, lows, thrift, rack, new, or old. Have fun with your clothing and let it tell your mood.

Today was a travel day for me. I am finally en route to my first New York Fashion Week, with an initial pit stop for some work in Miami. Traveling is all about being cozy. Even though this flight is all of 29 minutes, you have to think of customs, luggage, check in, etc. I ALWAYS wear my Frye boots when I travel because they are probably the heaviest thing I pack. Opting for shorts means I need to remember to bring a scarf to sit on and wrap my legs with on the plane. And having a cozy over shirt or sweater is a must. 

Flannel // Shorts // Boots // Cuff // Tube Top // Sunnies