Simple Things Bring Infinite Pleasure.

Simple Things Bring Infinite Pleasure.

I talk about my skin care a lot. And here's a simple secret... When I come home and want to get the junk off my face, I use Simple Micellar Water. Why? Well, here's why. I pay good money for most of my skincare, and it's awesome, but I prep for that. Simple Micellar Water takes everything off my face so that it's a clean palette to work with. And it's as gentle as water so it isn't putting my skin through another step. I even packed a small bottle in my carry on to wipe my face at the airport before and after my international flight. Since it isn't a traditional wash, you just need to wipe your face and you are done. It's genius. We will be doing a little boat camping trip this summer, and I will be packing this for sure!

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Squat Now, Wine Later

Squat Now, Wine Later

9th & Elm has been so kind to me and when I saw this workout tank by She Squats Clothing I felt like someone had read my mind. If you have been following along on my Twitter (@MsCMarie) account you know that I have been doing the Tone It Up 6 week Love Your Body Series, and that I have finally started to enjoy running. While I try to stay fit and healthy, living on an island calls for lots of happy hours. I try my best to keep a good balance.

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Morning Yoga with

Morning Yoga with

Yoga takes me back to the basics. When I am feeling wound up and out of control, I head to the mat. Since moving, I haven't been practicing as much as I hoped to, but when I get to do a little morning yoga on the beach, it shifts my holiday. Possibly even my whole week. Taking that quiet time to get into my body heals. And having the ocean right here, is such a blessing. My Yoga Teacher Training is priceless in the amount of knowledge I learn about my body and the human spirit. Yoga is for everyone and if you can get to a class, no matter your skill level, go!

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A little Thursday inspiration...

Because Thursdays aren't Fridays, and they can be rough, I wanted to include a little inspiration to the day. I just posted Kid President on my Facebook Page, but then I watched this video from him and loved it just as much. 

Today is an extra special day for me. It is the 8 year anniversary to my first heart procedure. Between 2006 and 2008, I went through several lows with my health, but I have been healthy ever since. Every year, on July 3rd, I take a moment to be as grateful as I can possibly be. It's easy to get bogged down by the amount of stuff going on in everyday life. It's easy to want to rush towards the weekend. But remembering that just a few years ago I wasn't sure of all that, makes me want to sip my coffee a little slower.  

So enjoy this weekend, enjoy today, have an amazing 4th of July. And Please! Be nice to yourself and to others! You never know what battles they are facing.

Celebrate we will , for life is short, but sweet for certain. 

Interview: Jennifer Pansa of Juice Lab


Jennifer Pansa is the co-owner and co-founder of Key Biscayne's upcoming Juice Lab at 38 Crandon Blvd. When I heard about Juice Lab's new spot I thought "A Juice Bar in Key Biscayne from a Yogi Enthusiast?! It’s like Christmas." No seriously. Living in LA grabbing a juice in NBD. In fact, people are just as likely to show up to any occasion with a fresh pressed juice in their hand as coffee. But in Miami, well we just aren't there yet. I couldn't wait to hear more about her yoga and juicing adventures and pick her pretty mind. I think you are all going to really enjoy this!

Hi Jennifer!

I'm so excited. Let's start from the top...

    What brought you all the way from Colorado to Miami, FL?

Well, I got cold! I was previously living in the mountains of Vail Colorado, and the winters were fun with all of the outdoor activities but also very long. I always wanted to live in a beach town and South Beach organically became the destination of choice! I still go back to Colorado often to see my family and get my fix of snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking. My major in college was International Relations with an emphasis in Latin America, so Miami is the perfect fit for me with its tropical climate and beautiful blend of people from Europe, South America and the Caribbean- it almost feels as if you are living in a different country. 

    I love Yoga. In fact, I used to teach as well. When did you start Doing Yoga/Teaching Yoga? Tell me more about Ansa Yoga.

Good for you! Getting a 200-hour teacher training certification is something that is life changing, even if you do not pursue it full time. For me, teaching helps me to learn and grow more every day. My students are my greatest teachers.

I started doing yoga in college after getting severe tendonitis in my feet while backpacking in Patagonia. After completing physical therapy, I started doing yoga on my own, not knowing anything about it. Instantly, I knew yoga was perfect for me because of how GOOD I felt, not just from my injury, but in every aspect of my life. Right away, yoga became part of my daily routine. As my journey deepened and my practice blossomed, quickly I found my natural aptitude for teaching.

Ansa yoga is a vinyasa based practice that is a fluid combination of breath and movement. It is an inspiring and laid-back class focusing on the transitions through various postures. Intensity builds throughout the class with the breath. The focus is total body integration and functional flexibility, meaning you do not have to be a circus performer to enjoy this class. Balance is achieved through introspection and relaxation to create fuel for life. Ansa yoga is a practice for yogis and non-yogis alike.

   I just moved back to Miami after several years living in Los Angeles, and found a great juice bar difficult to find here. Was starting a juice bar just a natural progression of your lifestyle?

Yes, this has been a completely organic process. Similar to LA, Colorado is full of conscious places to eat and drink. Here in Miami I sometimes find it more challenging to find healthy food, especially something quick or on the go. I teach a lot of yoga in Key Biscayne, and was hard pressed to find a great juice bar in the area. 

In my opinion, yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet. I was already bringing juices to my yoga students and the response was so great that it only made senses to open a location and spread the juice love. 

 •  With Summer in full force, so many people are looking for healthy ways to curb those junk food cravings… What juices would you recommend for this?

Junk food cravings are caused by increased levels of Candida, a form of yeast that lives in the mouth and intestines that aids with digestion. Candida can be overproduced or overgrown by consuming too many sugary or high-fat foods and this overgrowth can penetrate the bloodstream releasing toxic byproducts into the body. 

According to heath guru and author Toni Toney, it is estimated that 80 percent of Americans have or have had an candida overgrowth and are completely unaware that this is the root to failed diet and weight loss attempts. The best way to get control of your diet and control your cravings is to create balance in your body by doing a detox. Juice Lab offers a three-day detox cleanse starting at $225. Nicolas Torrent, Juice Lab’s detoxification specialist and raw food chef creates specialty concoctions to clean out the system and reset the body to crave the nutrients and vitamins it needs for optimal health. 

 •  What is the juice that you make for yourself the most?

While I do make a lot of juice and smoothies at home, I make sure to drink as much cold-pressed juice as I can. Cold pressed juice is different than at home juicing because it maintains a higher nutritional and enzymatic quality. The slow pressing process of the locally sourced produce creates juice that is alive and vital. The juice is not heated, and it does not rapidly oxidize and decay like other traditional juicing processes. For this reason, at home I make more smoothies, or I eat the whole fruit or vegetable. 

 My favorite smoothie to make is my Summer Refresher.

Blend everything until its smooth delicious perfection:

2 Whole Mangos // 1 Banana // 1 Cup Raw Coconut Water // Ice

 • What is your go to cleanse? 

My go to cleanse is the three-day detox by Juice Lab. Many juices out there are more for substance and are hard to essentially swallow or stomach due to the unbearable taste. Our juices taste fantastic thanks to the unique combinations of fresh blends Nicholas creates. 

Also, our detox is rooted in true healing powers and knowledge. Nicholas has studied with all of the top names in detox and health internationally including Dr. Morse M.D., Viktoras Kulvinskas and Toni Toney. The deep, scientific understanding of how each fresh ingredient works with the body and our clinical and culinary experience sets our detox apart from any other on the market.  

 • Alright… For our summer socialites…  Is there a hangover juice cure? 

Haha! Yes, summer parties and one too many glasses of wine can get the best of anyone. The most important way to cure a hangover is to get the toxins out and restore vital nutrients into the bloodstream. The best juice hangover cure is the Pink Lemonade - grapes, lemons, pomegranates and beets. Grapes and lemons are the ultimate restorative ingredients. The beets and pomegranate help purify the blood and serve as a tonic for the liver. This is the perfect juice to drink first thing in the morning after a long night out! 

Looks like I found the perfect place for a pre-wedding day cleanse!

Summer Sunscreens!

Hi my name is Candace, and I burn like a mofo. 

And by burn, I mean the glorious sunshine can make me look like I have been boiled in a pot of hot water like a baby lobster. Just ask my elementary school teachers. 

I grew up in Miami, FL where most people don't think about sunscreen. Espescially in the 80's and 90's. So a day at a friends house would ultimately turn into 3rd degree burns on my shoulders and nose. So now, in my :::cough late cough:: twenties. I have become a sunscreen junkie. I don't leave the house with out sunscreen on at least my face and neck. And I always opt for beauty balms that contain sunscreen (My go to right now is by Josie Maran). At a later date, I'll make a list of my favorite sun safe beauty products, but today, as you plan your weekend at the beach or by the pool, I wanted to share my favorite body sunscreens. Ranging from light sprays to a thick zinc, these sunscreen will have you covered. I mix and match between them, but they are all in my drawer. Yes, I have a drawer of sunscreen. 

1-4 are Coppertone must haves. In fact, the Coppertone Sheer line is just genius. You can where this sunscreen everyday with out ever feeling sticky, but it is still enough coverage for a day at the pool. I usually do an all over spray with the sheer, and then use the creme form to make sure gentle places, like my neck and chest are extra covered. 

Blue Lizard was actually introduced to be by a dermatologist on a work trip. The sunscreens packaging actually changes colors, letting you know when you should have sunscreen on. Yes, the packaging reads the UVs and tells you, even if it's overcast if you should have protection on. Blue Lizard is a much thicker sunscreen, but it is sure to keep you, and your bambinos, free of burns. AND it's chemical, fragrance, and paraben free! Whoot Whoot!

SuperGoop is my luxe option! (I know. I'm so fancy.) Before moving to Nassau, I had a slight panic attack about how my skin was going to react to constant sun exposure. And while I knew about Blue Lizard, I was on the hunt for all of the best sunscreens. Sephora offered me SuperGoop. While the spray can doesn't last very long, they have a creme option a large 18oz container that is perfect for under your sink. I love the texture on SuperGoop, and I trust that it's working. And they just released this serum option, which I just put in an order for. 

What are your sunscreen favorites?!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Werk It Out With M.Linney Designs

It's time to get my bridal butt in gear! With less than 3 months to the big day, I have not been nearly as obsessed with working out as everyone expected me to be. In fact, I have been taking advantage of every dessert and glass of wine that has come my way. But now that our major trips are out of the way, and I will be with family for the next month, it's the perfect time to get focused on getting it right and tight before the big day. It's more about feeling my best than anything else. 

For me, working out means craving cute new workout clothes. Lucky for me, M.Linney Designs has an adorable array of workout gear that is as affordable as it is cute. M.Linney Designs is a new active wear company run by fitness extraordinaire Maggie Thompson.  They have clothing to fit all of your workout needs, AND it won't break the bank! I mean how cute are these shorts!?

Lucky for YOU, M.Linney Designs is giving FromCtoC readers 20% their orders from now until the end of June! You do not want to miss this!

Enter the code CTOC at checkout! 

And don't forget to show me what you got by tagging me on Instagram!

Weekly What I'm Into!

1. 13 Cooking Hacks. These are such simple and amazing ideas. I want to do them all. Especially the salt shaker idea. Why had I not thought of that earlier?!

2. Katy Perry's tour started this week and it looks A-MAZ-ING. These 9 outfit changes are incredible, and I'm so jealous that I don't get to play dress up like that every night. I might start parading around the house in major neon sequins from now on.  

3. One Eyed Cats of Instagram. We just took in a stray kitten, with a wonky left eye, so when this gem popped up on Buzzfeed I felt overly attached to the content. How cute are they?!

4. We all know I am Alex Preston OBSESSED. I really think he is going to take the crown. I don't care what the judges say. He is the real deal. When he performed Yellow  on wednesday, I about changed my first dance song. Be still my heart.

5. Last but 100000% not least. Diane Keaton was on Dr. Oz this week and I just happened to have the TV on in the house. Thank Goodness I did because I think this quote of her defining what beauty is to her, is life changing. I will be buying her book when I am in the states next week. I typed the quote out for you, but skip to 5 minutes into this video and watch her say it yourself.  In fact, the entire interview is the most beautiful and honest interview I have seen in a long time. You won't regret it. It gives me chills every time."I think beauty is honestly, it’s a feeling to me. I hate the fact that people put beauty on a pedestal and try to remove it from the ordinary experience of life. But that’s all it is, it’s moment to moment. It’s like me looking at your eyes. It’s like be open to change, and when I say being open to change I really mean that. Because like if you say ‘I only like yellow flowers and that’s it.’ You’re kind of finished with beauty. It’s so much, it’s more all encompassing. It’s not a face in the mirror all the time. Don't you think? I mean what do you think beauty is?”- Diane Keaton

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Weekly What I'm Into!


1. The Every Girl's interview with Seventeen Magazine's Ann Shoket. I love this interview so much. Especially when she is asked "Best advice you have ever received?" This is her answer: "My favorite interview ever was when I sat down with Barbara Walters. I asked her, what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a teen. She said, “Don’t imagine that your life now is the way it’s always going to be. You have no idea how interesting your life can become.” That’s an amazing message for women of any age. There are endless possibilities out there for you. You just have to be open to them!"

2. This VIDEO of a dad having a conversation with his 14 month old through a sliding glass door will make you giggle for sure! I imagine J will be a lot like this. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the dad talking through a sliding glass window, saying gems likes: "She's a slave driver, it's good you know this now." 

3. Ed Sheeran's cover of Drunk in Love is pretty amazing! That's all.

4. Finally picked our florist! And it's the amazing and unparalleled Anthology. I can not even describe how excited I am about this! I can't wait! The wedding less than 4 months away!!

5. Last but obviously not least, I was watching Bethenny,as I always do, and she mentioned that she is releasing a SkinnyGirl Hummus nation wide. I literally jumped for joy, since I love me some hummus and anything my girl Bethenny does. Now, I couldn't find ANYTHING about it online, but I found her recipe for how to make your own at home. So, we will start with that... Here is it!


With the holiday weekend in full swing here in Nassau, and Mother's Day approaching, I'm feeling generous! Let's do fun giveaway!! My next 5 Rodan+Fields orders will get a FREE Rodan+Fields Lip Micro-Dermabrasion! Whoot Whoot! Contact me for details!

AND! It's Friend's and Family weekend at Chloe+Isabel!! So here's a very fun code for 25% off orders of $100 or more! I suggest the amazing new perfume for Mother's Day!! CODE: SPRFF25

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MACRO EXFOLIATOR by Rodan + Fields

Hey Ladies!

I made my first ever video blog, and I'm super nervous about it. BUT I try to remind myself that you are allowed to be a beginner sometimes, and not everything has to be perfect all the time. Plus, it was a must because I wanted to talk about the Macro Exfoliator from Rodan+Fields and felt like a write up just wouldn't convey my love enough. This thing is Amazeballz.

So see it's glory first hand HERE!

(And be nice.)

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