Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration

Getting ready for baby feels like a weird dream, and getting ready for baby in another country, an island at that, is a WHOLE other ball game. We are in a version of corporate housing so storage is beyond limited and painting the walls is out. And beyond that getting furniture to Nassau is going to be hilarious. While the nesting and type A tendencies seep out of me, it will take a puzzle to find a way to get the necessities here and on time. But I am beyond up for the challenge.

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Fall Decoration Inspiration

Fall Decoration Inspiration

There's a nip in the air here in Miami, and everyone in the North would laugh at us. Jackets and boots are in full force for the 45-60 degree weather. Everyone is taking the opportunity to indulge in hot chocolate and lattes since it's cool enough where you don't actually start to sweat while drinking them. To me, it's the Fall I was used to growing up here as a kid. And escaping the heat of Nassau makes me smile. 

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Rainy Day Favorites

While the weather it's getting colder, it's getting rainy here. (Well, raining more often.) Growing up in Miami with 90 degree winters my mother always created the seasons for us. I have an extremely vivid memory of getting caught in the pouring rain, riding bicycles around the neighborhood. My dad came and picked me, my mom, and my sister up and brought us home. My mom immediately put me in the bath, and put hot chocolate on the stove. Now whenever I'm feeling particularly down, or really want to feel extra homey, I put on hot chocolate. Starbucks has a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that is my absolute favorite. It comes in packets, just needing you to add steamed milk and/or water. So good.

Curled up with my hot chocolate under a great blanket, with candles going, an old chick flick on (just so happens Target has a duo-pack of my absolute favorites!), and the rain hitting the windows is just amazing. Sure I love running around on the beach, but nothing feels like home more than these rainy days. 

What are your rainy day favorites?




Weekly What I'm Into

1. I know this is a place and not a thing but... Atlanta. Atlanta, I love you. Seriously. One day I will live in Atlanta, and I can not wait. It's a wonderful fairytale in my head full of homes with big yards and glistening cityscapes. The city has gone through some major changes in the last 10 years, but it feels like they (whoever they is) were really paying attention. There is an amazing foodie culture, as well as fashion, arts, and entertainment. Plus, hidden gardens everywhere. After spending this past week there I have a major crush. J might be concerned. 

2. This site is SWEET!  It's one of those thing you wish you've always know about. So, you're welcome. Think of a place where you can keep track of all of your gift cards, as well as trade them in for other gift cards. This money-fashion-technology-organization type thing is right up my alley. I have been entering my cards in and it feels pretty amazing. You need to check this out! 

3. Chloe + Isabel's new collection has a set of amazing bangles that you will be seeing on the blog a lot from now on. I just think they are amazing. Check them out for yourself. I'm just wandering you, they are fantastic. 

4. This Cosmopolitan post of 21 Beauty Product Storage Hacks is brilliant, and I know at least one lady (Miss Girl Get Glamorous) who is going to freak over it. I might just be investing in a few of this tricks so I can reorganize my bathroom when I get home. 

5. And #5 is because I love my mom a ton, and these BuzzFeed Parent's-Who-Shouldn't-Text-type post are just my absolute favorite thing in life. Nothing makes me laugh and giggle like imagining having these exact text conversation with my mom. She's the most wonderful person on earth. I know this because she has to deal with me and my sister every day, and let's us make fun of her texts messages, and yet she still would do literally anything in the world of either of us. It also makes me overly excited for when J and I have kids and we can write these super annoying messages in their Google Glasses or WTH they have in a million years.


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American Flag Wall Art

I am so nervous with this post. And I will tell you why... Because this project involved doing something I was told never ever to do, cutting the American flag. I hope that everyone can see that we did this piece of art to honor America, and to make us feel more at home while overseas. 

A few months ago, my fiancé and I were transferred to a US embassy. And while we couldn't pick our home or even any of our furniture, we have been trying to make our new place as homey and warm as possible. One night we were sitting on the couch, trying to figure out what to do with this huge wall we have over our buffet. J said, "I wish we could put a huge vintage American flag up there in some cool way."

Well, I have these 3 canvas' from a DIY project I did with my old roommate, and I was looking for a way to repurpose them without ruining them. So it clicked in my head, lets get a vintage flag and wrap the 3 canvas' in them. We measured out the canvas' and then went to eBay to find the perfect flag and ordered an 5x8 foot flag that had lived some life. 

When the flag came, we draped it over the 3 canvas' and panicked. We're going to cut an American flag?! WTF are we thinking. We called up our friends, the husband is a pilot for the government, and asked their thoughts. We all agreed that the project was honoring American and it was ok. 

So, we laid the flag face down and laid the canvas' over it. Measuring out how many inches we would need to have between each cut in order to wrap each canvas and  have enough flag left over. Since the right side of the flag was too damaged to use we started from the right. I laid the canvas down and made sure the stripe were straight, then I started staple gunning from the top. I lined the top seam of the flag up with the back edge of the canvas, this helped me make sure the stripes would be straight. Then I stapled down the right side, then the left side in order to get the tightness I desired, and left the bottom edge for last. If you mess up, its no big deal. Grab a screwdriver and you can pop the staples right out and start over. 

Once the first canvas was done, and we had had a look at it, we cut the rest of the flag off, as closely to the staples as possible, while leaving a teeny bit of room for give. We didn't want to waste ANY of it. Then we laid the rest of the flag, still face down, on the ground and placed the 2 remaining canvas' on top. Again we did the top edge first, then the far right, then the far left. THEN we cut down the middle between the 2 canvas', and worked on them individually. 

Once the canvas' were wrapped, we measured out the wall for the dry wall screws. 

Once hung, I took all of the flag that had to be trimmed off, and put it into a mason jar. I refused to throw away even a centimeter of it in the trash. I actually love the extra touch on the counter. As we settle in the buffet decor will work itself out, but as of now I just have a few photos, candles, and the empty bottle of champagne from when J proposed. 

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Home Inspiration // Pottery Barn Sale!

My mom, sister, and friend are visiting on Thursday (aka Carly's BIRTHDAY)!! It will be the FIRST time people actually staying with us in our new home, here in Nassau, Bahamas. My family has come via cruise ship before for a nice long day, and so have some friends. But this time the guest rooms will actually be used! I am so pumped I can't even explain. But I am an odd ball, and instead of worrying about normal things, I am cleaning like a freak. I have already reorganized my make-up cabinet. (Molly would be proud!) And now I'm on to junk drawers. 

So, I apologize for neglecting the blog a bit this week. OOTD posts and fun collaborations are to come, but I need to finish my cleaning tear. 

Here's some inspiration for what I pretend our beach home looks like mixed with a few things I am lusting over from Pottery Barns Warehouse Clearance Sale!. It's getting closer to making this dream home a reality, but like everything in the Bahamas, it takes some time. 

As J would say, "TIB!" aka This Is Bahamas. 

Pottery Barn: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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Guest Room #1: Coastal Chic (all by Target!)

Coastal Chic Guest Room by Target

Everyone wants their guest room to look like a mini hotel, but no one really wants to break the bank on a room that spends time empty. Target is the perfection option! They have some BEAUTIFUL bedding right now. Especially the sheets by Threshold! The color is much more pale in the photo, but in real life they are a stunning shade of teal. My mom and sister are going to LOVE this room. (Maybe never leave?!)

The place came furnished with some interesting pieces. So, I have been cleaning and moving furniture like crazy, getting the place as ready as possible before our major shipment of stuff comes in this week. But once we are all settled, I'll be posting real life photos of each room. 

Can't wait to share!!

JCPenney Favorites for the Home!!

The other day, Heather and I were lucky enough to go to Ellen's 12 days of giveaways. The Ellen show it just the must fun time you can have. You smile and laugh for an hour and sometimes she gives you presents. We were there on day 7, when she gave us $2,500 to JCPenney!!! It was crazy. So, on Friday, Heather and I decided to head to a local store and take a gander. I didn't realize how many wonderful things are at JCPenney, including Sephora! Holy cow. 

Given that J and I just got everything we need for the move, we have decided to use a little of it for the left over items, like throw pillows and accent pieces that we had not yet purchased, and save the rest for when life happens. We are going to be stretching those babies out. 

I put together a little wish list of the items I want for our home together.

How cute is that owl lamp?!?

JCPenny Favorite's For The Home

Ornament Inspiration

Ornament Inspiration

As of now, J and I are still stuck in a hotel, but hopefully  we will be in our new home before Christmas. I always love a silver and white vintage theme on a real tree. Growing up in Miami, FL, we never really had a cold Christmas, so I try to create that with the colors. I know one day we will have kids, and our tree will be a colorful collection of art, hallmark, and disney, and  I can't wait for that. BUT I also figure I need to get in my vintage trees and white couches now before that happens.