Etsy Stores I Love :: BABY

Etsy Stores I Love :: BABY

Between getting married and getting pregnant, I have become obsessed with Etsy. As I was wandering the cybersphere of the Etsy rabbit hole, I decided I might as well feel productive about this habit and start sharing my favorite Etsy stores with you. I'll start with the baby items I can't get enough of and go from there...

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TOMS for Target

TOMS for Target

I have always been a fan of the TOMS brand. Giving is the company's focus, and I'm genuinely inspired by that. I've always been thrilled to see their brand grow in stores like Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and American Apparel but their partnership with Target gets me really excited. Bringing their message to the masses is absolutely perfection for the holiday season. 

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Shop for the Cure!

Breast Cancer Awareness: Shop for the Cure!

October is all about PINK! As in Breast Cancer Awareness month that is! I'd gather a few great ways to shop for the cure. You can donate but buying anything from lipstick to underwear, so go for!

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Weekly What I'm Into

1. Royksopp+ Robyn released a 5 song EP this week titled Do It Again! I LOVE Robyn so this is major for me. And the EP is no disappointment. Check out the title track Do It Again HERE!

2. This Baby's First Laugh video is heaven on earth. If you are having a bad day, this little munchkin will make you smile! 

3. Space46 will be making an appearance on the blog next week because My Bridal Shower (!!) is this weekend!!! What?!?! You better believe I will be dressed like a ballerina princess. 

4. This dance video my be my favorite of the week! I actually have watched in several times. Being a dancer myself, I love watching what it going on in the dance world. Sometimes it even makes me want to jump back in a studio. This video makes you want o get your dancing shoes back on for sure! It's and absolute MUST WATCH! I also download all the songs from the routine. So good.

5. I spent a large amount of chunk this week watching Amy Poehler and Tina Fey videos on Youtube. This Unscripted from the Baby Mama press tour is a favorite!

What were a few of your favorite things from this week?

Weekly What I'm Into

1. I know this is a place and not a thing but... Atlanta. Atlanta, I love you. Seriously. One day I will live in Atlanta, and I can not wait. It's a wonderful fairytale in my head full of homes with big yards and glistening cityscapes. The city has gone through some major changes in the last 10 years, but it feels like they (whoever they is) were really paying attention. There is an amazing foodie culture, as well as fashion, arts, and entertainment. Plus, hidden gardens everywhere. After spending this past week there I have a major crush. J might be concerned. 

2. This site is SWEET!  It's one of those thing you wish you've always know about. So, you're welcome. Think of a place where you can keep track of all of your gift cards, as well as trade them in for other gift cards. This money-fashion-technology-organization type thing is right up my alley. I have been entering my cards in and it feels pretty amazing. You need to check this out! 

3. Chloe + Isabel's new collection has a set of amazing bangles that you will be seeing on the blog a lot from now on. I just think they are amazing. Check them out for yourself. I'm just wandering you, they are fantastic. 

4. This Cosmopolitan post of 21 Beauty Product Storage Hacks is brilliant, and I know at least one lady (Miss Girl Get Glamorous) who is going to freak over it. I might just be investing in a few of this tricks so I can reorganize my bathroom when I get home. 

5. And #5 is because I love my mom a ton, and these BuzzFeed Parent's-Who-Shouldn't-Text-type post are just my absolute favorite thing in life. Nothing makes me laugh and giggle like imagining having these exact text conversation with my mom. She's the most wonderful person on earth. I know this because she has to deal with me and my sister every day, and let's us make fun of her texts messages, and yet she still would do literally anything in the world of either of us. It also makes me overly excited for when J and I have kids and we can write these super annoying messages in their Google Glasses or WTH they have in a million years.


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Weekly What I'm Into!

1. 13 Cooking Hacks. These are such simple and amazing ideas. I want to do them all. Especially the salt shaker idea. Why had I not thought of that earlier?!

2. Katy Perry's tour started this week and it looks A-MAZ-ING. These 9 outfit changes are incredible, and I'm so jealous that I don't get to play dress up like that every night. I might start parading around the house in major neon sequins from now on.  

3. One Eyed Cats of Instagram. We just took in a stray kitten, with a wonky left eye, so when this gem popped up on Buzzfeed I felt overly attached to the content. How cute are they?!

4. We all know I am Alex Preston OBSESSED. I really think he is going to take the crown. I don't care what the judges say. He is the real deal. When he performed Yellow  on wednesday, I about changed my first dance song. Be still my heart.

5. Last but 100000% not least. Diane Keaton was on Dr. Oz this week and I just happened to have the TV on in the house. Thank Goodness I did because I think this quote of her defining what beauty is to her, is life changing. I will be buying her book when I am in the states next week. I typed the quote out for you, but skip to 5 minutes into this video and watch her say it yourself.  In fact, the entire interview is the most beautiful and honest interview I have seen in a long time. You won't regret it. It gives me chills every time."I think beauty is honestly, it’s a feeling to me. I hate the fact that people put beauty on a pedestal and try to remove it from the ordinary experience of life. But that’s all it is, it’s moment to moment. It’s like me looking at your eyes. It’s like be open to change, and when I say being open to change I really mean that. Because like if you say ‘I only like yellow flowers and that’s it.’ You’re kind of finished with beauty. It’s so much, it’s more all encompassing. It’s not a face in the mirror all the time. Don't you think? I mean what do you think beauty is?”- Diane Keaton

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Weekly What I'm Into!

1. Lily Allen's new album, Sheezus, is on pre-order and it's everything. The title track is hilarious, wonderful, easy listening. I love her tongue-in-cheek humor. There's no one like her and she's at it again. Do yourself a favorite and take a listen. (Here's a youtube of the title track)

2. Zumba. I have been heading to Zumba twice a week and I love it. It fulfills my dancer needs, and I think it's an amazing workout. You have to go at it full force or it is just prancing around. But if you aren't afraid to get those arms up and pop that booty then get at it! The hour goes by so quickly, I just can't get enough. So pull out your inner JLo/Miley Cyrus and get turnt up.

3. Enhancements Lip Micro-Dermabrasion is fantastic. My sister just turned me on to this amazing product and we can't even explain our love for a little lip stick. Everyone wants soft, kissable lips and this is honestly the best way to go about it.  You can even add on the lip serum afterwards for extra sexiness.

4. J.Lo helps Jimmy Kimmel through the lyrics of I Luh Ya Papi. And it's awesome.  Plus, I love that everyone automatically taps their weave when they sing the chorus of this song. { I Luh Ya Papi ::tap tap:: I Luh Ya Luh Ya Luh Papi ::tap tap tap tap:: }

5. Emma Stone Lip Sync battled Jimmy Fallon and shut it DOWN. The video will make your day, especially her last song. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again.


Weekly What I'm Into!


1. These 21 Social Media tips were a great find from BuzzFeed. I love finding out all of the little tricks, because obviously I love social media. My sister is going to freak for #6, we've been trying to figure that on rout for years.

2. is have a 25% off sale! I LOVE their business cards, and was just ready to order a new set. Hurry the sale ends Tuesday!

3. Wedding Invitations are almost done! Whoot, Whoot! I know it's taken me forever, but I LOVE paper and it is so hard to choose! I'm really excited about what Caitlin (the owner of Say It With Paper) and I came up with. I can't wait to see them in the flesh!! Say It With Paper is the cutest store in all of the land, and it's located in Coconut Grove, FL. It you are looking for anything from thank you cards to announcements to invitations GO THERE!! Caitlin is amazing. She will help you with every little detail. I was lucky enough to have my wedding photographer, Katie Lopez, introduce me to her and I felt it was only right to pay it forward. 

4.  Jardins Du Midi is Chloe+Isabel's signature fragrance. It's absolutely stunning. I have now been wearing it for a month and I completely switched over from Chanel. My fiancé loves it too! It's rare we love the same perfume! Mother's Day is coming up and it's the perfect gift. Plus the bottle is stunning on your dresser!

5. And for a laugh... My mom sent me this gem the other day. I seriously questioned her mental health when I first opened it, and then thought maybe she had been hacked, but then I watched then entire thing and shared it with a friend. So yea, THIS. I can't explain it.

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Weekly What I'm Into!


1. The Every Girl's interview with Seventeen Magazine's Ann Shoket. I love this interview so much. Especially when she is asked "Best advice you have ever received?" This is her answer: "My favorite interview ever was when I sat down with Barbara Walters. I asked her, what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a teen. She said, “Don’t imagine that your life now is the way it’s always going to be. You have no idea how interesting your life can become.” That’s an amazing message for women of any age. There are endless possibilities out there for you. You just have to be open to them!"

2. This VIDEO of a dad having a conversation with his 14 month old through a sliding glass door will make you giggle for sure! I imagine J will be a lot like this. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the dad talking through a sliding glass window, saying gems likes: "She's a slave driver, it's good you know this now." 

3. Ed Sheeran's cover of Drunk in Love is pretty amazing! That's all.

4. Finally picked our florist! And it's the amazing and unparalleled Anthology. I can not even describe how excited I am about this! I can't wait! The wedding less than 4 months away!!

5. Last but obviously not least, I was watching Bethenny,as I always do, and she mentioned that she is releasing a SkinnyGirl Hummus nation wide. I literally jumped for joy, since I love me some hummus and anything my girl Bethenny does. Now, I couldn't find ANYTHING about it online, but I found her recipe for how to make your own at home. So, we will start with that... Here is it!


With the holiday weekend in full swing here in Nassau, and Mother's Day approaching, I'm feeling generous! Let's do fun giveaway!! My next 5 Rodan+Fields orders will get a FREE Rodan+Fields Lip Micro-Dermabrasion! Whoot Whoot! Contact me for details!

AND! It's Friend's and Family weekend at Chloe+Isabel!! So here's a very fun code for 25% off orders of $100 or more! I suggest the amazing new perfume for Mother's Day!! CODE: SPRFF25

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Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Kelly's Fashion Finder! How many times do you watch Kelly & Michael LIVE! and find yourself saying "Damn Kelly looks amazing!" Basically daily. Well, on their website they actually tell you what she's wearing! Most of it is out of price point for me, but it's still fun to look at and watch for the affordable moments. And they have guests break down their outfits as well!  Oh and there's a Pinterest for it as well!

2. E! News has a great shopping segment that a friend introduced me to, Love It? Buy It! They do some amazing sales, but you have to be quick!

3. Surviving Jack. Now if you haven't heard of the book I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern, you are missing out. Please read it. Buy it. Love it. It is absolutely hilarious and this new comedy is based on it. 

4. Jardins Du Midi! Chloe & Isabel's new fragrance is amazing. I love a nice perfume, and I'm super picky. But when my mom finally brought me my bottle from the states yesterday, I knew I was hooked. Maegan just won a bottle in FromCtoC's first ever giveaway and I can't wait to hear how she loves it!

5. Phillip Phillips is my boyfriend. I mean, I have a fiancé, but Phillip Phillips is my man crush. He is just about to drop his second album and go on tour with OAR. AND his new single Raging Fire is just that... Fire. I absolutely love it. Watch the brand new video HERE.  Download it HERE!