Wine Tasting at Young's

Wine Tasting at Young's

Last week, Young's Fine Wine had a Italian wine tasting. I ALWAYS miss these, and it hurts my soul, but I finally made one! I will tell you... it was worth the wait. I'll never miss one again. William Young, the owner, has such an incredible knowledge and passion for wine. It's just infectious...

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Final Christmas Prep!

Final Christmas Prep!

Ladies.. Gents.. There's only a week until Christmas. It's crunch time! I organized a last minute set of gifts for the lady (Some work for the fellows, as well) in your life from stores with hella sales going on. From a little timeless sparkle to the perfect lipstick these gifts will thrill everyone from your bestie to your mother-in-law.

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Vacation, all I ever wanted. (Napa, Sonoma, and SF)

This weekend Jeff took be on a weekend getaway to visit our friend Chris. We stopped in Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco. I had been looking forward to this trip for 3 months, given that I haven’t really had a day off since I started yoga school in Sept., and it was totally worth the wait. We visited 8 vineyards in 2 days, saw a Nappy Roots concert (Yes, you read that correctly), went to a 49ers game, and ate our weight in cheese, sushi, and penne pasta pizza.

 We stopped byChateau MontelenaSonoma CutrerLava VineDutcher CrossingDelormierSeghesioForchini, and Domaine Carneros which carried Champagne. We bought a few super classy bottles, but my ultimate favorite place was Dutcher Crossing. We joined their wine club and Jeff dragged me out before I ate more of their chocolates, or stole that adorable little girl pictured running around. Delormier and Chateau Montelena were pretty amazing too! Oh heck, they all were amazing.

Unfortunately, I was a little too tipsy by the end of the night to take a picture of the penne pizza, but I took a ton of photos of the rest of the trip. These are just the pictures from my blackberry! I will do a second post when I remember to plug my camera into my laptop.

There are no filters or retouching on any of these photos. That area is too stunning to mess with.

PS The Nappy Roots concert was ridiculous. Their opening acts Dirty Dub Band and Jeff Johnson were pretty entertaining, but then they started setting up 2 vinyl black couches and a folding card table complete with a white table cloth and candles for Nappy Roots. They smoked a ton of weed on stage and sang a bunch of songs that the 40 Petaluma locals didn’t know the words to. Then the lights came on. No finale. No goodbyes. Just closed shop. It was an experience. But definitely a lot of fun.

PSS.. Oh, and the 49ers played into overtime against the Rams, and tied.

Whole Foods Fun


Who knew that a run to the grocery store could turn into a night of appetizers and wine?!?

Jeff and I headed out a quick Whole Foods run saturday night, grabbing ready made salads for dinner, but we ended up staying there for 2 hours!! They had a wine tasting going on from 5-7pm! $10 for 4 glasses of wine each (bottle’s priced from $20-$60) and a ton of tasty treats! We left a little tipsy and pretty impressed. The calendar for this month is useless, but I will be stopping by Wednesday for the August event calendar (and posting it here!). They have things going on almost nightly. Jeff seems to be convinced that we have the largest Wholes Foods in the country, given that there’s a bar/cafe in the middle of it, but I’ve heard there are several others scattered around the country. Stop by your local Whole Foods, or give them a ring, and find out if they have nightly activities!