Weekly What I'm Into!


1. The Every Girl's interview with Seventeen Magazine's Ann Shoket. I love this interview so much. Especially when she is asked "Best advice you have ever received?" This is her answer: "My favorite interview ever was when I sat down with Barbara Walters. I asked her, what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a teen. She said, “Don’t imagine that your life now is the way it’s always going to be. You have no idea how interesting your life can become.” That’s an amazing message for women of any age. There are endless possibilities out there for you. You just have to be open to them!"

2. This VIDEO of a dad having a conversation with his 14 month old through a sliding glass door will make you giggle for sure! I imagine J will be a lot like this. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the dad talking through a sliding glass window, saying gems likes: "She's a slave driver, it's good you know this now." 

3. Ed Sheeran's cover of Drunk in Love is pretty amazing! That's all.

4. Finally picked our florist! And it's the amazing and unparalleled Anthology. I can not even describe how excited I am about this! I can't wait! The wedding less than 4 months away!!

5. Last but obviously not least, I was watching Bethenny,as I always do, and she mentioned that she is releasing a SkinnyGirl Hummus nation wide. I literally jumped for joy, since I love me some hummus and anything my girl Bethenny does. Now, I couldn't find ANYTHING about it online, but I found her recipe for how to make your own at home. So, we will start with that... Here is it!


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Oreo Ice Cream Cake!!

This weekend my family was in town to celebrate my sister's birthday. It was a ton of fun, and went by incredibly too quickly. 

They landed on Thursday, her actual birthday, which is also why I was MIA from the blog. I decided to greet them with a favorite home cooked meal. J made an amazing pulled pork, which I will have to post soon, and I worked on an Ice Cream Oreo Cookie Cake. Its simple and fun, and we picked at it all weekend. 

Here's what you need:

  • A bow of Oreo's (In Nassau I could only get them in the individual sleeves So, I used 3 sleeves.)
  • 1 Quart of Vanilla Ice Cream or the ice cream of your choice
  • Cool Whip
  • 2 jars of chocolate fudge
  • A Blender
  • A casserole dish

First,  set the ice cream and the Cool Whip on the counter to soften. This really helps with molding it in the dish later. Now, throw 2 sleeves of the Oreo's into the blender and press pulse. You don't want to crumble the cookies too much, because the fun is in the crunchiness. 

Pour 1/3 of the crumbles into the bottom of the casserole dish. Now scoop out half of the ice cream, and layer it on top of the cookie crumbs. I used my fingers to spread the ice cream evenly, since that was the easiest way to do it without moving the cookies too much. Add a second layer of another 1/3 the Oreo crumble, the second half of the ice cream quart, and then the final layer of cookie crumble. 

Now take out that chocolate fudge, and drizzle to your hearts content! (If you love chocolate fudge, you can add a layer earlier on, I didn't, but I might next time!)  I used about a jar and a half of chocolate fudge. Deliciousness. 

Now for the final layer! The Cool Whip layer! I put in the entire container, and used a spoon and my fingers to smooth it out. Finally I wiped off the sides of the dish with a paper towel, and added some full Oreo cookies to the top to decorate it. 

Cover the dish with tin foil and put it in the freezer overnight to settle and re-freeze. 

This is an amazing way to make Ice Cream cake at home. It's easy, appreciated, and feels just a little more luxurious that the everyday cake. 

Weekly What I'm Into

Another week, a ton more fun things!

1. Beyonce Nail Decals. Obviously I ordered these. They were necessary. 

2. Jake Bugg. You and Me. Jake performed on American Idol a few weeks back and I can;t get this song out of my head. He reminds me of Bob Dylan and I love every second of it.

3. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex Preston on American Idol is everything. His rendition of Don't Speak was EVERYTHING.

4. Champagne Basics. Cupcakes & Cashmere is a HUGE inspiration for me. And I am very into champagne right now. So this is basically amazing for me.

5.Buzzfeed. Which Wine Should You Actually Be Drinking? Look Champagne is great, but I love wine. And this quiz is not only amazing, but handy

The Body Book

Confession: I love buying books in airports. Sometimes I actually feel a tinge sad if I wander through an airport and don't buy a book. 

This trip, I wandered in to the magazine/book store at Miami International Airport and saw Cameron Diaz's new book The Body Book. Now, I'm sure I know what you're thinking; "Cameron Diaz, a famous actress, that looks like a super model, wrote a book about loving your body. How groundbreaking." I know this, because that was my thought. I opened the book expecting hundreds of stunning photos of her stretching and working out, or something along those line. Something that would make me feel gross. Now, there are a few strikingly beautiful photos of Cameron, but when I cracked the book open in that overly lit airport shop, I found 261 pages of inspiring, intelligent, and well-thought out information. Being me, I bought it and immediately started to read it at the gate. 

It's Amazing. 

Cameron worked with several doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists to answer all of her body and health questions over a 15 year span, and came up with a bible of a book. While some of it may be seen as common sense, there is SO much information squeezed into these pages, explaining exactly why we should treat our "amazing bodies" well. 

I was shocked to find out that this is the FIRST generation in which kids are expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. But this is the part in the introduction that really got me to start paying attention...

"...Because your amazing body is the only body that you will ever have. The same body you've had since you had since you were a baby is the body you will inhabit when you are seventy-five years old. And along the way, yes, it has changed, and it will continue to change- but it is still yours. No matter what shape it is, how much you love it or hate it, whether it feels tired or worn down or lively and invigorated, your body is the most precious thing you have. Your body is your past, present, and future. It carries the memory of your ancestors, because you are made up of the genes given to you by your parents and their parents before them. It is the culmination of everything you have ever eaten, all the physical activity that you did or didn't do, all the efforts that you've made to understand and take care of it. And how well you care for it will determine how well you are able to live your life. So whether you wish you had longer legs or smaller hips, bigger boobs or less pointy ears, this book is for you. It's a guide to accepting what you have and loving it with everything you've got, to appreciating how incredible this physical vehicle is." -CD

It's amazing how something so simple can make food and workouts yank into perspective. I don't want to ever again 'diet' or workout because I hate my body. From now on, I will be eating healthy, fit, whole foods and exercising because I LOVE MY BODY. I love my body so much that I want to give it the best chance I can. My body has gotten me through 2 heart surgeries. It has stayed strong even when I didn't pay attention to it. Even when I flat out mistreated it. Even when we don't think about breathing, our body has it covered. That's pretty amazing.

Seriously, check this book out. For you. And your body. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.09.04 AM.png

Tone It Up's Bridal Babe Juice (my fav!)

I have recently joined theTone It Up girl's Love Your Body Challenge, and I am beyond excited. Their workouts are efficient and leave me sore. They are no joke. But beyond the workouts, they give great tips and recipes. Sine I just started juicing a few weeks ago, I have been on the look out for a great green juice recipe. Something to kick start the day.  Their Bridal Babe juice is delicious. I have been drinking it for the last 2 weeks, and I actually get excited about it. The cinnamon really makes it!

Here's the break down:

I love using Island Queen Coconut Water because it's so fresh AND it has coconuts chunks in it!

It's delicious to sip on while I start the work week and replaces my second cup of coffee with some nutrition. 

Whats your favorite juice?!

Olive's Meze Grill


That's really all there is to say about this place.

J and I walked in to Olives Meze  Grill  thinking it was a casual joint, since it's hidden in a strip mall next to a Sbarro pizza. But, No. The Prime Minister was there, and everyone was dressed to the nines. Shame on us.

We decided to go for a few appetizers instead of ordering entrees. They all just looked too good to choose. We figured next time we can grab entrees. We ordered Lamb Kofta, Saganaki, Calamari (breaded in pretzel crumbs and served with this jam that is unreal), and Tuna Tartar.

The Saganaki comes out, just briefly before the others,  and our lovely waiter pours brandy and lemon juice on it and lights it on fire at our table! We can tell this is gonna be fun. Saganaki is Greek Kefalograviera cheese flamed in Metaxa brandy and lemon juice, which is a lot of words for heaven in your mouth. You spread it on to warm pita and cherish life for a moment. The Lamb Kofata came out looking like meatballs sitting pretty in a sauce. pretty much great. The Tuna Tartar was fresh, and served in little chips bowl. 2 perfect portions. 1 for each of us. The Calamari was possibly the best I have ever had, and whatever that jam was that it came with… I'd put it on everything.


We were stunned and so, so excited. This is near our new home?! Yes, please.

Then. Dessert. Salted Caramel and Bourbon ice cream with decaf coffee.

One of my friends' has an ice cream she calls "sex ice cream", because she feels it's better than sex. Well, I'm not sure if she could handle this one. It was unreal.

I can not wait to go back and try an entree.

Sinfonia. Italian in Nassau

Last night, J and I ventured out once again for dinner in Nassau. This time, we hit up a local Italian spot called Sinfonia. It's where Indigo used to be apparently, snuggled right between Cable Beach and Sandyport on Skyline. It's a great little spot with some indoor and outdoor seating, and delicious food. The waiter, Soto (I hoped I spelled that correctly!), was extremely friendly and the service was really quick. I was pretty impressed. 

J ordered a glass of cianti classico, while I opted for a double decaf espresso. I have to remind myself here, that just because I'm on an island doesn't mean I'm on a constant vacation. Both the coffee and the wine were wonderful. And then the food! I took the waiters recommendation and went for the Tagliolini with shrimp and spinach  in an Olive Oil sauce. It felt just homey enough to be a comfort food, but still fresh and light. J went for the Bolognese, and he said it was pretty damn good. Adding that the sauce was better than the pasta.

For dessert, as of now, they only have Tiramisu. But listen, that's all they need. It was pretty tasty. 

We will definitely be back here!

Road Trip Part 2 (Finally!): Yosemite, Oakdale, San Francisco

Finally! Here is part 2 of our road trip!

Sorry it took so long. The island has taken me in. (I'm liking it a lot!) 

I decided to include a few more photos Yosemite. The key from The Ahwahnee was pretty sweet. It reminded me of The Hunger Games. The hotel was stunning, but pretty old. The rooms were spacious, and the balconies were amazing for a dream sunset, but I wouldn't call the place "modernized". Doesn't matter, the restaurant food, location, and two lobby fireplaces make up for anything that could go wrong. It's incredibly cozy. Also! and this is about to sound ridiculous, but the whole milk there is pretty amazing. They have complimentary coffee and hot chocolate for guests in the morning, drink it. Trust me. We were upgraded to The Ahwahnee from Yosemite Lodge because of the high wind warnings, but here's a little trick. Apparently, if you book at Yosemite Lodge, and call on your way up, they might be able to upgrade you toThe Ahwahnee for a minimal fee. Also note, the Yosemite Lodge does not have air conditioning. Good tip for the Summer months. Eek.

From Yosemite we headed out to our next stop Healdsburg, CA. Along the way we needed lunch, and stop in Oakdale, CA. It's a tiny town where we stopped at a local diner. After a few corn dogs and milkshakes we passed this incredible little Cheese Stop. It's owned by a little couple that missed their native Gouda cheese so much, they decided to just make it. It was like visiting 1990, and we loved it. The demo video was played on a little VHS, while we watched the man actually putting the wax over the Gouda after it had been smoked. It was amazing. Of course, we bought more cheese than any human needs. Oh yeah, and they had a Llama just chilling outside of their house. NBD.

From there, we needed to swing past San Francisco in order to drive up to wine country. Fortunately for us, we missed our exit, and ended up on Treasure Island. The old Navy base actually has a little flea market that takes place the last weekend of every month (Except in December.) There's also a handful of wine tasting rooms! We went to The Winery, which was great. It's industrial, with bistro lights, and great wine. I suggest everyone stops in!

Here are a few pictures from of this leg of the road trip. I promise it won't take as long to upload the next leg. 

Santa Barbara

 Vineyards are amazingly magical places, and Santa Barbara holds some of our favorites.

Maybe it's the fresh air, or the rolling hills, or most likely all the wine, but something about traveling to a vineyard just stops time. 

Having lived in LA for several years, you don't find many times that you can sit outside, breathing in fresh air, and listening to silence. Yet, just a short drive outside of town, you can be transported into a different world. 

Because of our upcoming move, a few friends and I decided to take a last minute trip. We rented a little house on AirBNB.com (which was ABSOLUTELY amazing, and we'll be using the site all the time), and stopped at a few tasting rooms off State St, as well as a few vineyards outside of town.

AVA Santa Barbara is our favorite in town (We are wine club members there).

And Foley is a winner in my book on every single tasting. Their wine is next level. They also own Lincourt, which has J's all time favorite Chardonnay.

It was so much fun that I was asleep by 10:30pm every night, and I loved it. 

PS how cute is my fiancé behind the wine bar?

Date Night: OOTN

Friday Night, J and I went on a little date night with our friends Chris and Meryl. We headed over to ink. which was absolutely amazing!!! We ordered around 15 plates of food and 2 bottles of wine. I had tasters of the wine since our engagement photos are in 2 weeks, and I had sworn off alcohol this month in an effort to thin my face out. (Yes, I’m being that bride. Don’t judge me.) There was too many favorites to choose from, although I was a huge fan of their chocolate dessert and the octopus. The menu changes every few weeks so it’s hard to make recommendations, but I guarantee you will not regret the money you spend on the bill. Eating at restaurants like this is a full on experience. I am so grateful my fiancé is a foodie! They tested a few of their cocktails as well… Meryl’s had a Thai Basil plant growing out of hers; it was delicious (Yes, I sipped that one too. It was pretty. I have a weakness for pretty things)

The whole night was perfection and full of laughs.

Unfortunately, when you have 2 boys (I mean, men?) living in your house, you don’t get many chances to take OOTD pictures with out feeling ridiculous, so instead I made a little ‘What I Wore’ collage. This outfit was a definite favorite, so I will take photos next time. It was classic, simple, and chic… And most importantly, comfortable. I find outfits like this to feel way more sexy than anything skin tight. The shirtdress is from Forever21. I got it on a major sale. Polka dots may be my favorite thing for Fall. (Meryl was wearing polkadots too.) The chain is a new staple from Guess by Marciano. The clutch was a gift from a friend. I can not get enough if it! And the shoes are L.A.M.B. which are a sexy favorite of mine. Gwen knows how to make a shoe! I’ve had them for a while so the link goes to ebay. (I’m sorry, I tried)

Date Night Polka Dots