5 Tips for Hosting an at Home Party

  • Hoard Serving Ware: My mom is a party planning extraordinaire. In fact, my entire family knows how to throw a good party. We have full on discussions about serving ware, and we love a holiday like whoa. Lucky for me I have been gifted with some amazing serving wear over the years, adding to my growing collection. Gilt, Pottery Barn, and Bloomingdale's have pieces that will last you forever, and places like Home Goods and Target are amazing for last minute touches. As easy as paper plates and plastic can be, serving your friends and loved ones on real dishes makes everyone feel a little more special. My main tip when buying serving ware is to stay generally classic and pick color schemes. You want the food to pop. I try to stay with white porcelain, silver, and glass. Then I mix in fun bowls, cheese spreaders, napkins etc. 
  • Make a Food List & Cover All Your Bases (including soakage): Before heading to the store, write out a list of what food you will be providing at your fete. While others may say they are bringing this or that, sometimes they cancel, or change their plans. Make sure your list is well rounded enough that you would be ok if everyone decided to bring cookies. If you are having cocktails (which you should) make sure you have carb based foods available (aka soakage). Heftier snacks that include crackers, dips, even sandwiches are important. People have busy days before heading over to your place. You want to make sure that if you are serving cocktails people are eating enough that they are not going to be messes by the end of the night. You'll want at least: Veggies, Cheese, Crackers, A Dip, A Soakage Item, and a Dessert.
  • Post-It's for Platters: Lay out your platters and dishes and make sure you have enough for everything you are making. If you don't, you'll have time to run to the store or ask a friend to bring a platter with them. I do this by laying the platters and bowls out where I will want them to go when people arrive, then I write out each item on a post-it, and walk around picking out where each bite will be. I set up the ice bucket, glasses, and wine glasses as well. This makes it SO much easier for me when I am pulling the veggies, cheese, and crackers out last minute. 
  • Try Something New: The thing about trying new things, is finding your signature. Whenever you head to a holiday or party you're always thinking "Oh I hope so and so brings this or that." Finding that thing that people crave comes with trying new recipes. I always have a back up classic for my trial just in case. For example, I had a group birthday party this weekend for some of the ladies and it felt like the perfect time to make the goodies I have been dying to try, but can't keep in the house with just me and J (I will eat it all). I choose to do this ridiculously amazing No Bake Peanut Butter Pie. My back up was classic vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting.
  • What to Wear: I usually shower when something is in the oven, and then strategically step away to do my hair and makeup, leaving changing for the absolute last second. I'm a hot mess in the kitchen, so by the end of it my clothes are covered in batter and chocolate. When I finally change, I like to go with an easy shift dress. Something cozy enough for being in your own home, and nice enough that if you threw on heels you would wear it to a friends party. Plus, you need belly space for the upcoming food baby that will take place. This dress is an amazing option and I have it in my cart to buy ASAP. (Don't forget my Online Shopping Tips from last week.) For cooler months, pick out a cozy pair of well tailored pants and a loose blouse.

What are your favorite party tips?

I'd love to hear them in the comments!

An Instagram peek a the party this week... I was so busy I forgot to take photos!

Some of my Mariposa Platters and Tutus from Francesa's for the Birthday Girls!