E-Meet the Shopular App!

You're driving up to a mall to pick up a few things and you wonder what sales are going on. You are home writing out gift idea lists hoping you get grab them at a good price. You know you need new bras but you're waiting for that semi annual sale and you don't want to forget when it happens. You walk into Kohl's or CVS and forget that flippin' coupon again.

What if I told you that there is an app for all of that? And it's free.

I was recently introduced to an app called Shopular and I decided to give it a run while I was in the states and I just need to share. It's amazing. You can turn on (or turn off, your choice) your GPS on the app and when you drive by or pull up to a mall it sends you a notification of all of the sales going on at that location. When I was wandering the local Merrick Park in Miami, I was able to quickly see all the sales taking place and available coupons without wasting any time or researching beforehand. And when you are sitting at home doing some online shopping, you can open up the Shouplar app and see all of the stores that have available coupon codes or sales available. It's that easy. 

Everything from CVS to Barneys to Zales to GNC to Nordstrom to Toys R Us. You can favorite stores you frequent to save on your home screen with out being cluttered by stores you don't usually head to. It even pulls all the weekly ads for you, and stores all the coupons you need right there in the app for the cashier to easily scan at check out. While I can't live without a few apps on my phone this might be the most useful app on my phone this holiday season. 

Download it and let me know what you think. I guarantee you use it all the time!

Here are some shots of what the app looks like on your phone...