Hello, December...

December is one of my favorite months. It's my birthday month, and the month of holidays galore. A month you got time off school as a kid, and a time of ageless magic. It's a time of faith, tradition, and love. A time of memories and giving. December is a month that makes you feel like there could be glitter in the air. Snowboarding begins, and trees are lit. The house feels that much more cozy and you make the effort to do something special. Around Christmas I like to pull out all of my moms recipes, and even learn some new ones. I feel like December just makes me a shinier version of myself. I'll miss the cold weather, the boots, and scarves. But we will make it all work. The thing about the holidays when you live on an island with "good boating" season and "bad boating" season, you have to create the holidays for yourself or the magic doesn't exist. Luckily, I grew up in Miami, FL and my mom trained me well at this. 

While Cyber Monday is in full force, I wanted to take the day to say Hello, December..



Surprise! I'm hosting a 9th & Elm Giveaway! With 2 Winners!!!!