ShoeDazzle Backpack of my Dreams...

So, if you haven't noticed I'm all about dressing like my teeny bopper fantasy (aka Cher) these days. While every day is a sandal day here, sometimes a girl needs to put on a pair of cute heels and an outfit. 

Feeling a little puffy and bloated, (yeah, so?) I went with a basic black and white theme. This old white blouse set off by a pair of thrifted black JBrand jeans from Los Angeles' Wasteland worked perfectly with my ShoeDazzle favorites. These ShoeDazzle Angeni heels are crazy comfortable. I know I've said this before, but I can't believe it to I'll say it again... I got them for under $10. ShoeDazzle has hundreds of shoes for around $39.95, but when you sign up for VIP status you get a discount on your first order. Making these heels practically free. Of course, I forgot to skip a month I hadn't yet picked out a pair of shoes, and decided to go back in and grab this backpack I've been ogling at. While I was honestly nervous about what the quality would be like in a $39.95 backpack, I figured I would try it. When it came, I was shocked. It's absolutely adorable and looks to be great quality. It's even lined with this cute striped fabric. I feel about 12 when I wear it, but I'm learning to deal. 

It's really exciting to me when my favorite things were a steal, and it makes me even more excited when the things you react to the most, aren't the most expensive things on the page.Of course everyone loves a Chanel clutch, but being able to feel confident and stylish with out breaking the bank is absolutely fabulous. 

**This is not a sponsored posts. I know it seems like one. I wish it was.** 

PS I tried a braid again. Im not great at the idea but Im learning! It was kind of a disaster in the back... meh.

PPS I always wonder what people here in Nassau think of our street style photo shoots. It's obviously not a thing here, like it is in some major cities. I can only imagine what they think when they drive by and see an impromptu photo shoot taking place at the gas station. Que Sera. 

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